10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

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10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse
10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

It is truly a broken-hearted phase in life when you find out your spouse has cheated behind you.

At this moment, you may have no idea what to do next because it is not just a mixed feeling.

It is the hard day you face your unfaithful spouse.

These 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse will help you.

That heartbreak moment is understandable because this is completely your difficult time.

Thus, thousands of questions may rise up in your head.

You may wonder why your unfaithful spouse does such things to you.

At this moment, you do have many questions to ask betrayer.

Is it you who can’t make your spouse unhappy or is it just your unfaithful spouse who completely behave in a bad way?

In this case, you do need to talk with your spouse, at least for the last time.

Also, you do need to know the reasons as your lesson for the next relationship.

The Tips before Evade Questions to Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

When you are broken-hearted, address a question may hard for you.

But, at the same moment, it is also hard for your spouse to honestly answer your question.

They may have the same mixed feeling as you feel.

On the other occasion, it is your spouse who will clearly mention the reasons why she/he leaves you.

It depends on how exactly their feelings.

Some of them may still love their partner but at the same time, they think things do not work with their partner.

Meanwhile, the other is surely a cheater.

However, you need to stay calm in this head to head battle.

Your unfaithful spouse may not feel guilty when it comes the time to say what she/he needs but you cannot fulfill it.

The situation can intimidate and provoke you to be mad and wild.

Do not make ultimatum you cannot do.

Thus, you need completely to manage yourself just in case you can violate your unfaithful anytime.

Things can be worse when your unfaithful spouse doesn’t want to answer your question but at the same time raising his/her pride.

You can be mad surely at this moment.

The other thing you need to manage is about your own behavior.

At the same time, you may have your own affair with someone, but your unfaithful spouse doesn’t know it.

It will be wise to have introspection about yourself too.

Maybe what actually happens is you two do both still love each other but cannot communicate what you two actually need.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

Here it is the time for you to address some questions for your unfaithful spouse.

These 10 questions will help you to find the motives your unfaithful spouse has.

Can you answer my all questions truly?

You have to make sure that your unfaithful spouse will answer the set of questions you have with honesty.

Therefore, this is the first of 10 questions you have to address with to your unfaithful spouse.

This question also can be an indicator for your consideration.

If your unfaithful spouse is willing, to be honest, it can be a sign that your spouse wants to end up in a good way or even want to fix it.

Meanwhile, if your unfaithful spouse intends to not be honest, it is completely signed for you to move on.

However, you do need a clear and honest answer to heal your heart.

Explain to your unfaithful spouse that even she/he does really want to leave you; you do need to understand his/her reasons.

So, you can reflect on yourself because sometimes the problems come from you first.

Why did you choose to stay with this person?

Cheating or even infidelity requires a strong argument and reasons to make such things happen.

It is a choice your unfaithful spouse made.

There must be thousands of ways to fix the problems, but she/he chooses this way.

So, you need to know the reasons.

Among the questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, you can use this question to ask a cheating girlfriend too.

The reasons you hear will be the clues for the missing things from your relationship.

Your spouse may not be happy with the way you treat or behave.

Make sure you can lead your spouse to tell the truth.

Do not get carried away.

It can make your spouse stopped talking.

Just let him/her continue without any distraction.

After your unfaithful spouse explains everything, it is the time for you to decide.

You have to understand that people are unique and they have their own needs.

Sometimes the things they need cannot be found on you but someone else.

However, you have the right to justify the reasons she/he gives to you.

You may need time to decide as your unfaithful spouse for the second chance, or you just have to move on.

Well, the next question is also a good question to ask your boyfriend after he cheated on you.

Don’t you feel regret doing this to me?

Knowing whether your spouse has regrets or not is important.

And then, from the 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question will reveal everything.

Also, it will show that your unfaithful spouse even feels guilty or not.

You may think that it is not important to ask this.

But, the important thing from this question is you do know exactly what she/he actually feels.

As a partner, you could not just simply blame your spouse.

Sometimes, you have to understand more and give more time to listening rather than judging.

What if actually, your spouse has a weak moment that you do not realize and know.

And then, you do nothing and suddenly, somehow, there someone understands and gives the security for yours.

The answer you get can be your consideration to either keep it up or give up.

If your spouse has no regrets at all, it is better to move on and let the things go.

Do not be so selfish and ask people to stay with you when they do not want to.

Surely, you have your own precious life and one day there will be the one who will love you more.

Do you really have a feeling for him/her?

Among the 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question is definitely important for you.

In terms of cheating, sometimes what your unfaithful spouse consider as cheating means she/he just want to have a friend to talk.

But, if your spouse does really have feelings, it is the time to end up your bond.

In this case, the definition of cheating in a relationship is important.

Do not ever think to impress him/her to be yours once your unfaithful spouse has feelings to his/her affair.

It will be a waste and you to know clearly that you are precious.

She/he doesn’t deserve a good man/woman like you.

In fact, if their relationship comes to infidelity, you do completely need to let your ex, unfaithful spouse go.

But, if your spouse does not ever have any feelings, you may consider fixing it up.

You can ask your spouse to stop contact him/her.

Also, you have to make sure your spouse does go away from his/her affair.

A repeating contact with that person can make your spouse repeat the infidelity whenever she/he feels upset with you.

Thus, this question can be also used as infidelity questions to ask.

Am I not good enough for you?

This is surely the most painful thing to ask.

But, out of all the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question will give you the chance to reflect your self-introspection.

Of course, it is a pain when you think everything you did was not enough; even you had struggled with that thing.

Especially, if you are a man and have these kinds of questions to ask your wife if she is cheating

When you ask this question, make sure you are ready with the consequences.

There may be hatred, provocation, and more hate you get because your unfaithful spouse thinks that you are not good enough.

Your unfaithful spouse may share everything she/he feels related to your inability to make him/her happy enough.

There, you will find the missing things in your relationship.

Even she/he lie to you or just trying to blame you, you have to listen and understand it fully.

It will be a good evaluation and lesson for your next relationship.

This kind of question is actually also the questions to ask yourself after being cheated on.

In contrast, sometimes your spouse will ask you to change and do better things for him/her.

It means that your spouse actually still want to stay with you.

Then, all the bad things she/he did are just to get your attention.

However, you have to make sure everything is clear.

Do not have regret later on for either keep it up or fix it up.

Both of your decision can be good or bad after asking the 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse.

It depends on how you understand the problem and make a deal with your life.

How long did your affair last with him/her?

Among the 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question will show how serious the affair was.

In this case, you do need to know when the affair start and end.

Some affair can happen just in a short time; showing that it is not that serious.

But, it can also happen for a long period; indicating that your unfaithful spouse enjoys it.

This question, among the 10 questions, sometimes cannot be asked directly.

You need to make your unfaithful spouse do not realize that you are digging up the information.

Surely, if your spouse feels guilty, she/he will say that the affair as just a short onetime.

But, sometimes it will be just a lie.

Therefore, you can start asking about when was the first time they met.

Then, you continue asking about what your unfaithful spouse does in the specific time.

Another question you can ask is about when was the last time they met.

The question should indicate the time and even place for the best analysis.

Are you sorry for getting caught or for cheating?

The other painful question is that your unfaithful spouse feels sorry for getting caught.

It means that she/he is okay for cheating.

Therefore, this is also the important question of the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse.

You need to find whether it is a genuine sorry or not.

When your unfaithful spouse says sorry for cheating, it means that she/he still has feelings for you.

Your spouse does not want you to know what she/he did because it will hurt you.

Also, deep in his/her heart, there still is you.

In contrast, if she/he says sorry for getting caught, it means that she/he thinks that the affair should be run well if you do not notice it.

This also means your spouse actually feels okay for the bad things she/he did.

Make sure you understand and know what your unfaithful spouse intend to say.

Instead of just using these 10 questions, you can dig more information by asking different questions.

You can ask about what she/he feel when she/he is getting caught.

If she/he says sorry, you can ask the reasons.

Why do I have to forgive you?

Among the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question will give your unfaithful spouse a chance to realize how hurts you are.

By knowing how hurts you are, your spouse will try to fix it and do anything to be forgiven.

However, this question will just be appropriate when your unfaithful spouse ask for the second chance.

In this occasion, this question stresses the bad result of the misbehavior that your spouse did.

You can tell him/her what they need to do in order to be forgiven.

Also, it can show how much they want you back.

However, if your unfaithful spouse doesn’t even want to fix anything, please do not ask this question.

Do you want professional help for our future?

This typical question only arises when you and your spouse have committed to fix everything together.

Among the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question has the potential to understand what you two will do for the future.

You have to let your spouse know that your relationship with him/her is completely important.

In this way, it shows your appreciation to your spouse even she/he had done such inappropriate things to you.

Also, it is a good question to ask an adulterer.

If they’re not willing to get professional help, it’s time to move on.

This is the very last question from the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse.

It shows your effort to stay together and fix everything.

And then, if your unfaithful spouse ignores it, just let him/her go.