How Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Electronics (2023)

Have problems with bed bugs in electronics? Well, you come to the right article. In this article, I want to share a very in-depth discussion ranging from the likelihood of bed bugs to the list of possibly infested electronic devices and the way to deal with that. So, you may need to bookmark this article 🙂

Well, how to get rid of bed bugs in electronics? Actually, there are at least six methods that we can use to get rid of bed bugs in electronics such as inspection, isolation, hand wash, vacuuming, heat treatment, and freezing. Each technique has its own purpose for a certain type of electronic device.

Now, let’s start with the existence of bed bugs in electronics and why would they get there.

how to get rid of bed bugs in electronics
How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Electronics

Likelihood of bed bugs in electronics

picture of bed bugs in electronics circuit
Picture of bed bugs living inside in electronics circuit

Can bed bugs get into electronics?

Bed bugs are so small that they can fit any small cracks, holes, and any other spaces as long as they can get in. So, bed bugs can get into electronics as long as there is a chance for them to crawl in. Bed bugs nymphs are so small that they can get inside electronics easily even from very small holes in the devices.

Do bed bugs hide in electronics?

If you are wondering “do bed bugs hide in electronics?” Then, the answer is yes, bed bugs do hide in electronics. Usually, they will hide in the electronic device that is located near the infested area. That is why sometimes you can find them on any electronic device.

In this case, research shows the electronics household items that need to be inspected due to the bed bugs existence; air conditioner, alarm clock, radio, speakers, power tools, kitchen, digital cameras, CD and DVD player, game console, computers and Laptop (desktop, keyboard, speakers, mouse, monitor), television, home phone, TV remote, lamps, printer, and refrigerator.

Can bed bugs live in electronics?

Can bed bugs live in electronics? Yes, bed bugs can live in electronics. Once bed bugs get into your house, there will be a possibility that those bugs will spread around it. In fact, bed bugs can hide or even live anywhere as long as it fits them, including electronics.

But, there are some arguments that explain that not all electronic devices will potentially become a place to live. For example, it is quite rare to find bed bugs in kitchen appliances. It is because the kitchen usually is far from the bedroom. That distance will make bed bugs need to crawl or even travel for a long way just to feed.

However, if you live in a small flat with kitchen appliances near you, the bed bugs can hide there too.

How long can bed bugs live in electronics?

The lifespan of bed bugs in electronics depends on the available food source they can get around that in this case is humans. If they are untouchable and there are people around them, their lifespan cycle will continue as long as there are people around. But, when there is no human around, it may take one year to make them die due to the scarcity of food sources.

Do bed bugs stay in electronics?

Naturally, bed bugs will find the safest place to hide wherever it is, including electronics. So, bed bugs stay in electronics as long as that is the safest place for them to hide. They can stay there until you check your electronic device and realize that there is a population of bed bugs in the devices.

Do bed bugs live in electrical appliances?

Electrical appliances are the least thing to be expected as their place to hide and live. But, research shows that bed bugs live in electrical appliances too. The possibility comes from female bed bugs that escape during breeding seasons which are sometimes painful and risky for them. That is why you can even bug far from the infested area.

The signs of bed bugs in electronics

Blood stains

Usually, you can find this mark on your pillowcases or sheets. It is normal to find it there because that is the place where bed bugs bite you. So, there will be some marks of dry blood.

If there is a heavy infestation that makes bed bugs live in electronics equipment, you may find some little spots of dry blood. In this case, you need a magnifying glass and flashlight to check your electronics.

However, this kind of sign is completely rare. It is because normally people will put their electronics quite far away from the bedroom. So, there is no chance for the drop of the blood to be carried away.

Dark or rusty spots

If there are no bloodstains in your electronics, you can look for the dark or rusty spots on your electronics. Those signs come from the bed bug excrement. It can be found anywhere near your electronics.

The bad news is that this kind of sign can be found anywhere. Usually, you can find it on bedclothes, walls, mattresses, and sheets.

So, if you spot it near your electronics, it is wise a thing to inspect your electronics. Especially, if your equipment is expensive.

Eggshell, shed skin, or bugs’ scent

If you find those signs, it is clear there is an infestation in your electronics. Those signs show that they reproduce and live there. Inspect your electronic equipment immediately then.

So, based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that there is a likelihood of bed bugs in electronics. Now, let us discuss the methods of how to get bed bugs out of electronics.

How to get bed bugs out of electronics: The 6 methods

The techniques to eliminate bed bugs in electronic equipment below come from very careful research that has been done by experts. Those techniques are inspection, isolation, hand wash, vacuuming, the use of heat, and freezing.

Also, there are some ineffective, unsafe, and even illegal practices to get rid of bed bugs. So, it will be wise to not practice those things. Those techniques are bug bombs, dry ice, fumigation with pest strips, ultrasonic devices, herbal sprays, ozone, and the use of a microwave.


If people ask what is the first thing to do to get out bed bugs from their belongings? Here, inspection will be the most essential thing to do. If people have good skills in inspecting bed bugs, there will be less costly to pay professionals.

What we need here is just some cheap tools like a magnifying glass, flashlight, crevice tools, and lint roller to eliminate bed bugs. It may take a while but it is effective to deal with bed bugs in the initial stages.

Thus, it is essential to have good skills in identifying what bed bugs look like at all stages. It can stop the nymphs to grow into the adult form. So, people can save their belongings and stop bed bug infestation.


Here comes the common technique that people use to eliminate bed bugs in electronics that is isolation. Even though bed bugs can survive for a long time without food, they cannot resist desiccating (dehydrate). The concept of isolation is to make bed bugs starve and desiccate at the same time that leading them to the end of their life.

Bed bugs are susceptible to desiccation. They are so vulnerable to this technique that will drain their life. The time to do this technique depends on several factors such as temperature, the last time blood meal, humidity and etc. Here it is, the warmer temperatures can make quicker death for bed bugs because of the increase in metabolic activity.

Therefore, if it is possible, the isolation technique is completely recommended to kill bed bugs safely. It may take time for a while, but it is so effective in the long term. In this case, you do need to know how to do isolation correctly.

Hand wash

Hand washing is one of the classic methods that people use to clean. What people need to do is just some water and detergent. The application is easy. People just need to rub the surface with soap and then clean it with water.

Then, it is quite surprising that hand wash is included as the technique to clean bed bugs in electronics. Well, hand washing is useful to clean the external parts of electronic devices. Make sure you unplug the device before cleaning it.

So, to treat bed bugs in electronics by hand wash, you do need a particular detergent to clean all the bed bugs, including their eggs and nymph.


If you notice it carefully, you will find that professional pest control will use a vacuum to eliminate bed bugs. Vacuuming is great to remove both dead and live bed bugs. Also, it is quite an inexpensive treatment that you can do manually at home.

Also, your vacuum is needed to catch any bed bugs’ eggs and their shed skins. It is because, in fact, bed bugs nymphs can hide in shed skins. So, it is hoped that your laptop parts can be completely clean after the treatment.

Thus, here is what you need to vacuum bed bugs in electronics:

  • A vacuum. Do not use a small handheld type because it is quite weak to do the job.
  • Vacuum attachments. The attachments here include a crevice tool, crack, and brush.
  • Knee-high stockings. It is useful to both protect your vacuum from bed bugs and keep the bed bugs in one place.
  • Rubber band.
  • Sealed plastic bags. Use it to isolate vacuum attachments after use.

In this case, it will be better to use a HEPA vacuum. This is a vacuum with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. This filter can prevent any particles and dust to go outside into the air. So, it is very necessary to prevent bed bugs in small sizes, including eggs, from escaping.

Heat treatment

The idea of using heat to eliminate bed bugs comes from the well-known fact that insects mostly cannot withstand a high temperature. Here, people usually use common dryers such as hairdryers, iron, and even clothes dryers. That may work, but you do need to tweak more.

In this case, using heat to kill bed bugs needs extra knowledge. You cannot just simply use heat without considering two things. First, it is about the level of heat needed to kill bed bugs. Second, it is about the level of heat needed to keep your devices working properly.

In the past, people tried to use a kerosene heater but it didn’t work well. So, it is better to use a professional-grade bed bug heater. This kind of heater is created specifically to kill bed bugs and other households. The good news is that the heater I recommend is the same as professionals use.


The freezing technique has been an arguable topic due to its inconsistency in eliminating bed bugs. It is observed that this technique can work and sometimes does not work at all. Also, it is a rare thing to use freezing techniques. The use of freezing technique is needed when the devices are susceptible to heat. So, it is not the best option.

Therefore, some researchers find that it is necessary to choose the best thing that is needed to freeze bed bugs in electronics. It is found that a freezer with liquid carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen works better than a regular household freezer. So, it is for professionals.

However, it is also found that a regular household freezer can kill bed bugs after 4 or more days depending on the temperature. But, it cannot guarantee that this kind of freezer can kill completely bed bugs in all stages.

So, that is how to get rid of bed bugs in electronics. For detailed information on the application, visit and learn these articles below.

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