Eliminate Bed Bugs in Printer with This 5 Effective Methods

Do you find some bed bugs in a printer? Well, this article may help you to get rid of bed bugs in the printer. But, before we discuss the techniques, there are some things you need to do.

First, the bedroom or any place where you and your friends or family usually sleep is likely the place where bed bugs hide. Putting any electronics near the place where people sleep can be risky because they can move to your electronics.

Then, do you put your printer near it?

If it is so, you can first move your printer far away. Do not forget to seal it in a plastic bag. Tie it tightly until there is no more air inside the bag can escape. It is important to keep the bed bugs not to spread.

Now let us talk about what research finds from Integrated Pest Management at Cornell University in order to deal with bed bugs in printers.

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Do An Inspection to Check the Existence of Bed Bugs in Printer

bed bugs in printer
Illustration of bed bugs in printer | Printers Image by Collar from Pixabay

It is a well-known fact that bed bugs are attracted to heat. If you use your printer for a quite long time, you can find that this device produces heat. That is why you need to inspect first.

Then, what to inspect?

The printer has a wide-open space that can make bed bugs easier to come in and come out. But, since this is a small device, you need to look at the inside where the cartridges are set. The hidden areas also need to be checked.

Here, you need a magnifying glass and flashlight. In this inspection, you need to focus on the signs of bed bugs in the printer.

What are the signs of bed bugs in printers?

Usually, the signs are feces, dry skin shed eggs, and odor. If you find them, it is sure that there is an infestation of bed bugs in the printer. Even you just find one or two, it is an indication that bed bugs are there.

Then, the following techniques are the option for you to deal with the bed bugs in the printer.

Apply Isolation to Lock-down The Bed Bugs in Printer

The first option you can choose to deal with bed bugs in printers is isolation. Shortly, isolation means that you trap and keep the bed bugs in the printer for a long period, at least six months for a good result. In a long time, bed bugs will die because of the lack of food sources.

But, what do we need to isolate?

To isolate the bed bugs in the printer, you surely need a plastic bag as big as the size of your printer. Here, plastic can keep the whole printer, so there will be no bed bugs that escape. So, it is important to seal it tightly.

The other thing you need to care about is the hole in the plastic bag. Make sure that there is no small hole because the small bed bugs can escape and continue its infestation. Also, a clear plastic bag can help you to see whether the bed bugs get out from the printer or not.

Vacuum The Reachable Area of Printer

The second option you have is vacuuming. Nowadays, a vacuum has an extension to reach the hidden spots that cannot be reached with the regular part. But, it is legit to suck the reachable bed bugs.

In this case, point out the vacuum on the spots that are hidden but reachable. By doing this, you can suck the bed bugs inside without breaking the printer’s parts.

However, this technique is not enough to eliminate all bed bugs, especially those that hide inside the printer. That is why you need a combination of heating.

Heat the Unreachable Spots of Printer

The third option you have is the use of heat. But, do not they like heat? Yes, but not a very hot one. So, you surely need to heat the printer to make the bed bugs get out.

Then, how hot is it? You need at least 122°F heat and the best is actually 125°F. When you set the heat at 125°F, you can also kill the eggs. So, there is nothing to be left.

But, you need to check the manual to see the device resistance for heat. So, you will not break the printer.

Now, to do this technique, you can use a space heater or hairdryer. The use of the heater is to make the bed bugs go out. After that, you can catch it with the vacuum.

Freeze to Eliminate Bed Bugs in Printer

There is a treatment called Cryonite treatment to eliminate bed bugs in printers. Here, the use of CO2 gas is used during the treatment. To do this technique, you should call the companies and experts. Do not do this on your own. It is too risky.

Well, those are 5 effective ways to eliminate bed bugs in printers. Check the following article How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Electronics to see other treatments for other home appliances. Please leave comments or share anything below.