4 Effective Ways to Deal with Bed Bugs in Refrigerator

Can bed bugs live in refrigerator? It is quite surprising but you can find some bed bugs in refrigerator. That only happens if there is a heavy infestation. Or, it can also happen if the refrigerator is placed near the kitchen.

Well, in some places, you will find a refrigerator next to the bed. It is common actually, especially for those small flat or apartment room. That is why it is completely possible for bed bugs to also infest it. You may find bed bugs under fridge.

So, in this article, let me share 4 effective ways to deal with bed bugs in refrigerator. These following techniques are originally referred from Fyre & Gangloff-Kaufmann works at Integrated Pest Management Cornell University as follows:

  • Inspection
  • Hand wash
  • Vacuuming
  • Using heat

Now, let us dive in.

Where to Inspect to Find Bed Bugs in Refrigerator?

bed bugs in refrigerator
The illustration of bed bugs in refrigerator | Refrigerators Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

The core of inspection is to make sure whether there some bed bugs in refrigerator or not. Basically, a good refrigerator is the safe place because the door there has a seal, right?

So, in order to check the bed bugs in refrigerator, you need to check the gasket or seal on the doors. In this house appliances, what you look for is the evidence that the bed bugs live there.

While you are doing this, make sure you do it carefully.  It is because what you look for is their eggs, feces, and even the dead skin. Also, if you are familiar, the odor is also important.

You can use magnifying glass and flashlight. So, there is nothing can be missed.

Do We Literally Do Hand Wash?

If you think that you need to hand wash the whole refrigerator, then the answer is no. To get bed bugs out of refrigerator, you don’t really need to wash all parts of the refrigerator.

Here, you have to focus on the gasket/seal of the refrigerator. At the inspection, you need to check that part right? Well, it is completely necessary to clean it.

It is because that is the only space that possibly allows the bed bugs to get in. However, it is not that easy because all refrigerator have a tight seal to keep the temperature inside.

To clean it, you need toothbrush or cotton swap to scrub it. Do it carefully, so you will not break the seal/gasket.

What Parts That Needs to Vacuum?

When you found nothing in gasket/seal on the door, you need to try vacuuming your refrigerator. But, in what parts? It seems impossible and doesn’t make sense, right?

So, why do bed bugs hide in refrigerator? Actually, there are two parts of refrigerator that are good for them to live namely the motor and the filter of the refrigerator.

But, how get out of bed bugs from there?

Here, you can use crevice tool to reach the difficult part of the filter and the motor. So, you can suck them out.

Use Heat to Flush Bed Bugs in Refrigerator Out

When you find some difficulties to suck bed bugs inside, you need something to make them get out first. In this case you need to use heat.

This trick is similar with the way people make bees get away from their nest by using smokes. But, in this way, you need at least 122°F heat and the best is actually 125°F.

To do this effectively, you need hair dryer or even space heater. Point the heat to the difficult parts that you cannot reach. So, they will get out.

When they get out, use the vacuum cleaner and the crevice tool to suck them up.

Well, that is about the 4 Effective Ways to Deal with Bed Bugs in Refrigerator. You can also check this following link bed bugs in electronics to get other techniques in dealing with bed bugs in other household appliances.

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