All Cockroaches Bite Facts and Guide (2020)

Insect bites are normal thing that you can find in the morning, including cockroaches bite. Here, you may find that some insect bites are already on your body parts when you wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, you do not realize when and how that insect bites you.

Well, having no idea when and how insect biting is a bad problem, but having no idea what insect bites you is the worst one. In this case, you surely do need to know what insect that bites you. So, you can do some correct treatments to get rid of.

Then, the problem is that there are so many insect species. It is quite hard to identify what insects that bite you. A good knowledge is necessary to identify them. In this case, it is, precisely, a knowledge of cockroaches bites because this is what you look for, right?

Therefore, in this article, let me share all about the things you look for. Here, I want to share all of the information about cockroaches bites as complete as possible. So, please share this article to others too. Let start it.

Do Cockroaches Bite?

do cockroaches bite people
Do cockroaches bite people?

Do roaches bite? The answer is yes, some cockroaches do bite. Some cases have been reported that cockroaches bites do exist. Also, there have been so many researches try to investigate their bites. So, it means that some of the cockroaches species do bite people.

Why do I say some of the cockroaches? Why do not I say just cockroaches or all of cockroaches? Well, it is because there are so many species of cockroaches and not all the species bite people. Some of them will not even show themselves in front of humans.

But, if the context of the question is to find out whether the regular house cockroaches do bite people or not. Then, the answer is yes. Here, the cockroaches bite can even lead to some serious health problems. It sounds bad right? So, now, let us check some well known species of cockroaches that may bite or do not bite you.

Types of Cockroach That Bites

When it comes to the types of cockroach, there are so many species of cockroaches that you can find in this world. Some species live with humans, while the others stay peacefully in their habitat. So, it is wise to not generalize them.

The cockroaches bites cases have been reported from decades, especially for the pas sailors. It is well known that they can bite the ships. There, the sailors wear thick gloves to prevent their finger from cockroaches bite.

Also, it is well known that cockroaches bites can lead to some diseases. The diseases come from the bacteria they carry in dirty places and foods they eat. So, it is a serious problem.

However, the roaches bites are limited and rarely happen because they are not intended to bite human. Now, let us check the common types of cockroaches that people can find around.

Do American Cockroach Bite?

Do american cockroach bite? The american cockroaches can bite people and they have a strong mandible. A research shows that american cockroach has strong mandible which is similar to  carnivorous ground beetles and even stag beetles in terms of stress values.

But, fortunately, american cockroach do not bite people as the main target because human is not what they look for. In this case, even american cockroach bite you, it doesn’t mean that… (continue reading to do american cockroach bite)

Do Palmetto Bugs Bite?

Do palmetto bugs bite? The answer is yes. Even rarely, palmetto bugs can bite people. Their bites can cause skin irritation. The other risks of palmetto bugs are not only about its bite but also the pathogens that they carry. Why do I mention pathogens? The palmetto bugs itself is a term that refers to certain cockroaches.

So, actually the cockroaches you see in your house can even be one of the palmetto bugs. Here it is. It is well-known that palmetto actually refers to smokybrowns cockroaches, american cockroaches, australian cockroaches or even florida woods cockroaches.

All the mentioned cockroaches before have potential ability to bite people. So, even they are not that dangerous, you need to get rid of them in order to stay healthy.

Do Wood Roaches Bite?

Do wood roaches bite? The answer is no, they do not bite. This kind of cockroaches is not dangerous for human being. But, still, their presence in the house is still be a nuisance for those who do not like cockroaches.

They are not dangerous and do not carry any diseases. Also, they usually do not live in house unless their natural habitat either is being broken or you live near them. They will live in rotten woods rather than infest your house.

However, they can possibly come to your house by the firewood you collect. They may hide there which you do not realize. Or, in other case, they may seek refuge into your house when there is an extreme condition out there.

Do Hissing Cockroaches Bite?

Do madagascar hissing cockroaches bite? The answer is no, they do not bite. In fact, some people love it as a pet. Seriously, it is a pet for real even though it has a big body thay may scary other people.

This madagascar hissing cockroaches also do not carry diseases like others. So, they are not dangerous for your health. However, you still need to keep them clean if you want to make them as your pet.

Do German Cockroaches Bite?

german roaches bite pictures
The picture of german cockroaches bites. | Source : Youtube

Do german roaches bite? The answer is yes, they can bite people. German cokroach bites are rarely found unless there is a massive infestation of this species. The scarcity of food sources may lead them to bite your dead skin, fingernails, and etc.

In this case, the problems related to german cockroaches are actually about the bacterias they carry. Similar to american cockroaches, this kind of cockroaches comes from dirty places such as dumpsters, sewers, and garbage disposals. So, the potential diseases are the big issues here.

So, the best way to avoid them is to keep your house clean and well-maintained. Do not let any left-over foods in your house, keep away the domestic garbages from your house, and fix any cracks in your house. So, they do not have any reasons to visit you.

Oriental Cockroach Bite

Do oriental cockroach bite? The answer is no, they do not bite people. It is rarely found that the oriental cockroach would bite people. Here, the potential of bacterias they carry is the thing that needs more attention.

As they live and eat in such unclean places, they can carry diseases. This kind of cockroaches tend to live near sinks, pipes, and toilets. There they will look for human starchy scraps, and decaying animal or plant matter.

So, even they do not intend to bite people, the potential diseases they carry is more dangerous. You surely need to pay attention of the cleanliness of your house.

Do Dubia Roaches Bite?

Do dubia roaches bite? This kind of roaches mostly well-known to not bite people. In fact, people breed and sell it as feeders. Some reviews show that dubia roaches is better than crickets. Usually, reptiles owner will feed their pets with dubia roaches.

However, in a particular situation, they may hurt you. In this thread, you can find and conclude how the dubia roaches may hurt you. So, be careful to any kind of insects you handle with. Even they are not dangerous, but, still, be careful.

Brown-Banded Cockroach Bite

Do brown-banded cockroach bite? The answer is no, it is completely rare to find the case. Even though this cockroach is one of house cockroaches kind, there is no reported case of its bite to human. But, if you find one, please share with us.

However, this kind of cockroaches are well-known for its dangerous. Just like other house roaches, the bacterias they carry needs more attention. Such bacteria and diseases like E. Coli and Salmonella are primarily carried by brown-banded cockroaches. In addition, diarrhea and gastroenteritis can come from this insect.

Cockroach Nymph Bite

Do cockroach nymph bite? The answer is no, they do not bite people. Here, you may get confuse with bed bugs because its size similar to adult bed bugs. By appearance, those two insects, adult bed bugs and cockroach nymph, may look similar. That is why you may think that cockroach nymph bite you.

Here, what cockroach nymph look for as their food is not human. The surprising fact is that the german cockroach nymph will eat the feces of the adult. So, they will not bite people but will look for other available food sources.

Do Flying Roaches Bite?

Do flying roaches bite? The answer is no, they do not bite people. But, still, this roach may make you scary because they sometimes fly toward you. That is why you can see some memes about this cockroach. They do not intend to bite you, but just flying around.

Their flying ability is actually their survival mechanism. When the situation is quite dangerous, instead of running, they will fly, or, precisely, glide. That is why you just see them fly in short range, not a long one. That is their survival mechanism.

Do Tree Roaches Bite?

Do tree roaches bite? The answer is no, they do not bite people. The tree roaches do not have any reason or intention to bite people because human is not what they look for. But, still, every wild insect has its own defense mechanism. So, it will be wise to not disturb or try to know whether they can bite your or not.

White Roaches Bite

Do white roaches bite? The answer is no, they do not bite people. The white roaches you see may the albino roaches or the roaches that in still nymph phase. There is no case that roaches would bite people intentionally as their primary food source. Here, the usual case comes from people who have some foods’ remnants on their body.

Do House Roaches Bite?

Can house roaches bite? The answer is yes, some kind of house roaches can bite people. There are some of common kinds of house roaches such as american cockroaches, german cockroaches, brown banded cockroaches, smoky brown cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, and etc.


As mentioned before, american cockroaches and german cockroaches are well-known for their behaviour that they can bite people while they look for the foods. It is not their intention to bite people, but there may foods’ remnants on the people. So, they actually just bite the foods. Then, for the rest of them, those cockroaches have been reported not biting people.

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