The Various Definition of Cheating in A Relationship

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The Various Definition of Cheating in A Relationship – Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Signs of Cheating In A Relationship

Basically, the definition of cheating is an act of disloyalty.

Cheating is the acts or activities that are dishonest and deviate from a spouse, whether girlfriend or husband and wife.

This term is generally used as something that violates the agreement on the loyalty of one’s relationship.

Many people feel they have been loyal, but they are still considered cheating by their partners.


This is because they establish too intense and open communication with those who are considered as the third person, which is certainly vulnerable to trigger jealousy and contention.

Thus, here is the analysis of cheating types based on activities. There are four general types of cheating that you need to understand.

The Definition of Cheating on The Mind

Thinking about someone else is one example of cheating on the mind.

You may realize that you think about your ex or other people recently.

Then, you start to find out about his or her news. Cheating on the mind means you have someone else in your wish when you are still on a relationship.

This kind of cheating can be toxic to your relationship.

At first, you may only think about what he/she is going right now.

But, later on, you will start to dig more information about the one you think. You are secretly stalking on his/her social media.

As a couple, you need to check his recent activities.

If he suddenly clears the browsing data, you have to be careful.

It can be a sign that your mate is cheating.

But, unfortunately, it is quite hard to judge and clarify.

Sometimes, you need to dig the information.

For example, you can ask your boyfriend/girlfriend about what that man/woman (the suspicious person) do recently.

If your mate knows it well, ask him/her about how did she/he know that information.

His/her answer can be from other friends or his/her observation to that person.

Be careful if your mate just looks up from social media or other independent devices.

It means that he/she does observe their target.

This is pretty awesome, right?

The Definition of Emotional Cheating

Have you ever talked about the problem you have with your couple to your friend?

Have you ever realized that your friend seems to understand more about you than your couple?

If it is so, it can be a sign that you are in emotional cheating right now.

Love can come from a regular relationship called friendship.

In this case, you will involve more with your friend and start for having a feeling.

You feel comfortable sharing everything to your friend.

As a result, when your couple has a different point of view, you will start thinking that your couple does not fully understand you as good as your friend do.

Later on, your couple will just be farther away.

Meanwhile, your friend is getting closer.

Well, it is not always good to share the problem you have with the opposite sex.

Your conversation would lead you to cheat eventually.

You will start to think your friend is better than your couple.

At first, you may just only need a lunch to talk with your friend.

And then, you think need more time to spend with your friend.

Finally, you will realize that you are actually cheating right now.

The Definition of Physical Cheating

Physical cheating is common to people who work in an office.

As a worker, you need to work with the opposite sex and have to go somewhere together in the name of the meeting, presentation, and even marketing.

During your trip, you will realize that you are far away.

Meanwhile, you have a biological need and surprisingly your co-worker have the same needs too.

Then, you are flirting with your co-worker eventually.

At this occasion, physical contact can happen frequently as you are not just a kid anymore.

In physical cheating, you are likely spending time with your co-worker.

At this level, your need is not only spending time together but also sometimes lasts in sexual intercourse.

Physical cheating is so obvious that makes it easier to be detected.

However, this is the worst cheating ever.

At this level, you are completely leaving your old partner and start having a new life with your new partner.

So, it is better to end a relationship before starting a new one.

The Combination of The Three

Having physical cheating is not always to be emotional cheating too.

Some people just do it as biological need that in this case called one-night stand.

They surely just need to fulfill their need as an adult.

But, if there is a combination of the three, it means you are completely cheating with your partner.

The mind, heart, and body are more in favor of the third person than the couple themselves.

In fact, if you are invited to take a walk with your partner, there’s just something wrong to refuse his request.

Cheating, in this case, happens when you realize that you spend your life with the wrong partner. You are not happy with your life. The partner behavior also makes you feel so tired with your toxic relationship. You want to end this and then the third person comes.

However, cheating is not the right thing to do. If you are tired with your relationship, it will be better to let everything go. It is better for you to set yourself free then start a new life. Also, not being a cheater will make you have a good track record.

Thus, to avoid this, build good communication with your partner so you can make clear boundaries. Make him the best partner at the same time as a place to confide, adviser, friend, and people who are the irreplaceable position with others. If there are problems in the relationship, discuss together. Avoid venturing into the opposite sex.

Are you cheating right now?

Remember how relationships with partners are so valuable.

Temporary comfort cannot replace a loyal partner.

Anyone can cheat, but not everyone can be loyal.

And remember, something that starts off badly, usually will end badly too.

Cheating is not good, whatever the reason behind it.