Do American Cockroach Bite? Here Are 2 Famous Falsities


Do american cockroach bite people? No they do not. The american cockroaches have a strong mandible to bite but they do not intend to bite people. Also, it may not a bite but rather an allergy of sensitive skin to saliva, feces, or debris that is left by a cockroach.

But can american cockroach bite? Yes, they can. Here, a research shows that american cockroach has strong mandible which is similar to  carnivorous ground beetles and even stag beetles in terms of stress values.

Fortunately, they do not bite people as the main target because human is not what they look for. In this case, even american cockroach bite you, it doesn’t mean that they are intended to. Here, cockroaches are well known come to house to look for left-over foods.

So, unlike bed bugs, they will not suck your blood. It can be concluded, then, that it is true that american cockroaches bite but they are not intended to bite people. It is because human is not what they look for as the primary food source.

However, on the other case, it is well known that this kind of cockroaches is the major pest that infest houses in United States.  Also, american cockroaches have other name such as palmetto bugs, water bug, and even bombay canary. So, you may find different terms that refers to the same insect that might have bitten you.

What Do American Cockroach Bite?

do american cockroaches bite
Do american cockroaches bite?

Well, actually there is no specific part from human body that belongs to american cockroach’s favorite. You never find a cockroach that literally run into you and suddenly bite you, right? That will not be happened. But, do cockroaches crawl on you at night? Yes, they do.

You may find cockroach bites after you waking up. There may some cockroach bite scars around your body. Commonly, what cockroaches will bite are fingernails, eyelashes, and dead skin on the feet or hands. In this case, calloused hand has so many dead skin cell.


Why Do American Cockroach Bite?

Here, you may wonder why do american cockroach bite those parts. Is it because they want to eat you? No, they do not want to. In this case, you need to check whether you had washed your hand, foot, and face or not before you slept last night. The left-over foods around your body is what attracts them to bite you.

That is why you can find that they likely bite your fingernails to reach the crumbs. Also, they actually eat everything that is edible for them. In this case, your dead skin cell may be nutritious for them. So they bite you.

However, cockroach bite on eyelashes is quite different from an actual bite. It looks more like an allergy from the sensitive skin to the debris of cockroaches. In some countries, people name it as a “cockroaches’ pee” that actually comes from feces and saliva.

So, here is the reasons why it is a rare case to find cockroaches bite especially american cockroaches bite. Even though, there are some reports say that american cockroaches do bite people, but what actually people find may an allergy.

How to Prevent American Cockroach Bites?

Of course, the cleanliness is the most important thing you need to keep. It starts from you and your house. Make sure everything’s clean. Do not let any waste of water of foods crumbs that make them come into you.

It is also important for you to wash your hands, face, and feet before you sleep to make sure you are clean. Also, do not forget to brush your teeth. Sometimes, people sleep with the mouth open while they are snoring. You don’t want to see cockroaches come inside, right?

So, to be concluded, do american cockroach bite people? No, they don’t. But, they can bite you just in case to pick the left-over foods on your skin. So, stay clean.

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