Do Oriental Cockroach Bite?

This glossy black and dark reddish brown cockroach is one of the most common pests we find under doors. Oriental cockroaches enter homes through open doors, crevices under floors, or even through drains, sewer pipes, and gutters that are connected to the structure of the house.

In terms of appearance. Adult oriental cockroaches have a very striking appearance difference. Adult male oriental cockroaches are smaller in size. For a male oriental cockroach, this insect is only about 25 mm long and has three-quarters of wings. This makes parts of its body clearly visible and unprotected like other types of cockroaches.

On the other hand, female oriental cockroaches are larger in size as adults. This female cockroach is about 32 mm long and has no wings at all. However, female oriental cockroaches have large wing pads that cover some parts of the body. So it can be concluded that oriental cockroaches cannot fly at all.

Do Oriental Roaches Bite People?

In terms of cockroach bite, Oriental cockroaches do not bite humans even though they have the ability to bite. The fact is that some of us breed oriental cockroaches as pets. On the other hand, there are also people who breed these cockroaches as food for pets such as lizards and spiders. So, you can be sure that they don’t bite.

But what makes people feel that oriental cockroaches are worth getting rid of? This is because the behavior, diet, and habits of these cockroaches can certainly harm humans if these insects are allowed to remain in the house. Here are the details.

This oriental cockroach actually has a high resistance like most other cockroaches, especially in terms of surviving outdoors, and even in bad environments. However, unfortunately this is what causes why these cockroaches are also dangerous for humans.

Oriental cockroaches can live anywhere. Oriental cockroaches can be found living under piles of leaves, rocks, or debris outside the house. Additionally, oriental cockroaches are known to nest in wall cavities, under verandas, and in isolated crevices in homes. For crowded areas such as metropolitan cities, oriental cockroaches can usually be found in large numbers in sewers and rainwater drains. Of course the whole place was very dirty.

In addition, Oriental cockroaches are also known for their tendency to eat dirt, garbage, or food that has started to rot. On the other hand, these cockroaches are very dependent on water, so it is natural for them to live in sewers. So far, studies have shown that they can survive up to a month without food, but these insects cannot survive more than two weeks without water.

Therefore, wild oriental cockroaches that come from outside the house will certainly harm humans because these insects carry bacteria and pathogens that come from food and their environment. Just imagine, who knows how many types of rotten food were eaten and the dirty water drunk by this oriental cockroach.

Here, eradicating and preventing the growth of the number of oriental cockroaches in the house is certainly an important thing to do. This is considering the health risks that can be caused by the cockroach. That’s a short article about the do cockroaches bite question. So, it can be concluded that this oriental cockroach does not bite humans on purpose.