Why Is This Girl Always Nervous Around Me?

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Why Is this girl always nervous around me
Why Is This Girl Always Nervous Around Me?

Do you have a question like this “why is this girl always nervous around me”? Often the body acts not as expected. Even the body becomes stiff and difficult to control. Especially when the girl is near the guy she likes or while undergoing the first date with him. Do you realize that her behavior is strange in your eyes?

There are a few reasons why the girl is always nervous around you. Maybe you are his boss or supervisor. But, if you are not her boss or supervisor, the most possible reason is that the girl likes you. In this case, she has difficulty feeling enjoy because she is too nervous to face the moment together with you. Well, if a particular “girl” acts like this is your friend, she is nervous because she likes you. That is the reason why a girl always nervous around you.

However, you need to find out the particular things she does. It is because not all nervous acts relate to feeling about love.  The girl on the other side sometimes will always think “why do I get nervous around him?” Well, even they cannot understand themselves. Therefore, the signs must clear to make sure you sure if the girl does like you. Here it is some signs that can make you assume she likes you.

The Signs She Is Nervous Around You

She often straightens the legs.

The foot section is rarely noticed. But if you pay attention, the legs are most often acting strange. When a girl feels nervous near her opposite sex, her legs won’t be able to shut up. Sometimes straightening the legs, bending and straightening again. Until she feels relaxed.

So, if you think that it is just a normal thing for a girl, you surely need to find out more the body language that tells she likes you. However, observing a girl’s legs is not polite. So, make sure you observe it as long as she doesn’t notice you.

Her fingers are often pressed and played with each other.

This is generally done by girls. Especially the shy ones. This is like her trademark. With a feminine style, her hands are put together, her fingers play with each other, and press each other. This kind of thing also happens to the toes that are compressing each other.

Her voice is increasingly soft, and sometimes it stammers.

This appears unnoticed. Usually, at the moment she still able to speak fluently even loud. But when she is near you, suddenly the voice disappeared. At this point, you get confused yourself because you can’t understand what she is talking about.

In this case, you have to know her well to compare how she speaks with other guys and you. If she really likes you, you will easily find the differences. Make sure it happens repeatedly.

She frequently looks down and arranges her hair in front of you.

In various conditions, girls always maintain their appearance. Especially when undergoing their first date. Under nervous conditions, they really want to look perfect. That is why in every second they have, they will arrange their hair. They have to do that in order not to cover her face with hair. Also.  it means they try to look beautiful and graceful in front of you.

She can not control her eyeball and usually steal the same view.

Sometimes a girl is inwardly thinking “Don’t look at his eyes. You will have a crush later”. In fact, her eyes are stealing without you knowing. This is the sign that she is nervous. She may reject herself to look at you, but just in a second, she will suddenly look at you.

The most important thing is that you have to clearly notice her behavior when she is not around you. You cannot just simply say she is nervous which means she likes you. Sometimes, she has another reason why she is always nervous around you. In addition, you can check other signs she’s flirting with you.