How Do You Get Bed Bugs in The First Place?

How do you get bed bugs in the first place? In this post, I am going to show you how exactly bed bugs get into your house based on the scientific studies from the experts.

Here, you will find the list of places that have great probability as the source of bed bugs infestation in your house. In fact, the list of bed bugs places below are suggested by experts based on their studies.

Now it is time to show you where exactly the first places of bed bugs that get into your house.

Many people do believe that bed bugs come from a very dirty place. It is true some insects love to live there, but not for bed bugs. It is clearly a misunderstanding. They can live anywhere as long as they can get blood as a food source. So, they are not interested in rot.

As same as mosquitoes and ticks, bed bugs look for blood as meals. Unfortunately, the problem is that bed bugs cannot fly like mosquitoes in searching for food sources. Also, bed bugs are not the ticks that can live in their host. So, they do need a very safe place to hide and near the food sources. That is why you can easily find bed bugs in bedroom.

In relation with the bed bugs’ places, Rahlenbeck et al. in 2016 states that bed bugs have conquered quite diverse locations, ranging from hospitals, hotels and homes, to trains, cruise ships, and even airplanes. Most commonly, bed bugs travel in comfort as stowaways in luggage, although they can be transferred via furnishing and other belongings, as well by spreading to adjoining properties.

Therefore, it can be concluded that beg bugs can actually come from any place as long as their host is near and reachable. It means that bed bugs can live anywhere even you can find bed bugs in electronics. Here, Doggett et al. 2011 states that in addition to homes and hotels, infestations are appearing in the office and retail environment, in the health and transport sectors, and in cinemas; in fact, they can be found in almost any location where people sleep or sit.

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