How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally at Home (2022)

If you are tired of chemical compounds in bed bugs killer or you just want to know some natural stuff to get rid of bed bugs, this article is definitely written for you. Nowadays, it will be wiser to use natural bed bugs killer because we need to consider our health more and people around us like wives, spouses, children, and even our pets like cats and dogs.

So, how to get rid of bed bugs naturally at home? There are some things we can do like heat treatment, cold treatment, vacuuming, vinegar, and baking soda to get rid of bed bugs at home naturally. Those treatments and ingredients are chemical-free. So, it is safe for us.

how to get rid of bed bugs naturally at home
How to get rid of bed bugs naturally at home

Heat Treatment

Bed bugs cannot survive in a high temperature. According to the research conducted by the University of Minnesota (2011), it is proven that adult bed bugs cannot survive at temperatures of 45 °C at 94.8 min and bed bugs’ eggs cannot survive at temperatures of 48 °C at 71.5 min.

Well, this is why we usually find bed bugs nesting in mattresses, sofas, curtains, and so on because the place is relatively humid and cooler than the temperature outside the room.

Well, this method of using heat is considered the cheapest and most effective way for many people. The key to this treatment is precise temperatures and timing to kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs. The higher temperatures and the longer treatment, the better results will come in.

Basically, there are two ways to kill bed bugs with heat as follows.

Solar Radiation

In some countries, sometimes the temperatures can reach 45 °C. So, people there use the sun to heat their stuff, especially their beds, clothes, and any other stuff. This is why sometimes you can see people just simply put their stuff outside when they’ve got bed bugs.

While in tropical countries, people can heat their stuff from morning to afternoon. The sun then will kill bed bugs that are exposed to it. Sometimes, this treatment will be done a few times till there are no more bed bugs there.

This method is widely used in because it is effective to get rid of bed bugs permanently and naturally at home. But unfortunately, this method will not be effective if you live in a cold area.

Heating Equipment

There are so many commercial heating equipments that you can buy nowadays. It starts from a hairdryer, iron, drying machine, steam heater, box heater, chamber heater, and even a shipping trailer heater that can load so many big things like couches, beds, etc.

Heating equipment is completely safe as long as you understand how to use it. Here, the thing you need to pay attention to is the stuff that is going to be heated. You have to check how much heat it can take. Some stuff can be easily broken by heat while the other stuff can survive in it.

If you have a limited budget, some affordable types of equipment such as a hairdryer, iron, and drying machine can help you a lot to kill bed bugs. You can use your hairdryer to kill bed bugs that are hiding in your stuff while the iron and drying machines help you a lot to deal with bed bugs in your clothes.

Cold Treatment

In addition to hating hot temperatures, bed bugs also don’t like temperatures that are too low/cold. As we know, temperatures that are too cold are relatively dangerous and can potentially cause death. Likewise with bed bugs, cold temperature conditions can make these insects hurt to death. It is how to get rid of them naturally.

Even though they are considered cold-resistant insects, bed bugs cannot survive more than four days if they are in a room with a temperature below -18o C in a row. The cold temperature referred to here is a relatively stable temperature in a closed room such as a freezer or ice storage, so that cold temperatures outside due to cold weather cannot kill this pest.

Ways that can be done to kill bed bugs using cold are:

  1. Put the stuff in the freezer or ice storage
  2. Setting the temperature to -18 °C (the temperature above is not effective for killing bed bugs)
  3. Leave for 4 days (if you are worried about the condition of the freezer that might be damaged, you can check and adjust the temperature periodically)

This method can only be used for small items such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc. that fits in the freezer or large pieces of furniture if stored in an ice storage room. Although this method is optimal for getting rid of bed bugs, most people refuse to try it because of the risk of damage to electronics and the high amount of electrical voltage.

Vacuum Cleaner

The easiest and optimal way to eradicate bed bugs is to use a vacuum cleaner. This method can be done anywhere and anytime without the need to spend more effort. Sucking bed bugs and their eggs are considered optimal, but it takes precision and patience to do it. This is because if there are still eggs and bedbugs left behind, the problem of bedbugs will still continue.

So to do this you need to do several steps as follows:

  1. Remove items that are infested with bed bugs in the open space outside your house.
  2. Make sure when vacuuming, the surrounding conditions are not low light so that all parts of the item are clearly visible
  3. Prepare a vacuum cleaner and start sucking bed bugs and their eggs carefully and patiently
  4. For maximum results, vacuum twice as a preventive measure if there are still bed bugs or eggs left in the item

This method can be done at home without the need to spend more effort. The key to vacuuming is we do this method regularly in order to not let any spread of bed bugs in eggs and nymph cycles. This is how to get rid of bed bugs naturally and permanently.

Baking Soda

In addition to functioning as a cake base, baking soda can be used to eradicate insects including bed bugs. Baking soda has become the most common weapon to use as a natural ingredient to exterminate pests at home.

The compound in baking soda can dehydrate insects, including bed bugs. Bed bugs will feel a lack of moisture which can make the nest feel dry and hot. This then causes bed bugs to die after a few days.

Here is the procedure for eradicating bed bugs using baking soda as follows:

  1. First, remove the items that are infested into the open space such as your outside house
  2. Prepare baking soda and mineral water
  3. Mix the two ingredients in a spray bottle with a ratio of 70:30
  4. Spray baking soda all over the items
  5. Leave the items for 2 days and clean the items manually with a brush

Baking soda is considered effective for eradicating all kinds of pests in the house. The price is cheap, easy to make and obtain, and has been recommended by many people, making this method widely used by the public.

This method of eradicating bed bugs comes from Indonesia and has been tried overseas. Although not 100% effective, this method is quite effective and must be tried.

Essential Oils

Based on research conducted by Purdue University, essential oils have been shown to be effective in killing bed bugs effectively. Essential oils have anti-microbial and antiseptic properties so they can kill bed bugs quickly.

Some essential oils that can kill bed bugs are thymol, geraniol, citronella, eugenol, and carvacrol. Essential oils can also be used to treat bed bug bites on the skin. Here’s how to get rid of bed bugs using essential oils:

1. Move items that contain bed bugs to an open space
2. Spread the essential oil evenly on the spots that become bed bugs’ nest
3. Leave the item that has been given essential oil overnight
4. Manually clean the dead bed bugs on the item

As previously stated, some people have the perception that the use of chemicals to eradicate pests can have a negative effect on the body. Especially if applied to objects that are often used in everyday life, such as mattresses and sofas.

Chemicals left behind as residues on mattresses or sofas have the possibility of triggering disease or damage to us. Like what happened to DDT in 1972 which had been a bed bug repellent for decades. The distribution permit was terminated because it was proven that it could trigger cancer and interfere with the child’s growth and development.

So we need another alternative that is more environmentally friendly, namely using pesticides derived from plants such as essential oils. Well, that is how to get rid of bed bugs naturally at home. If you have any suggestions or tips and tricks to deal with bed bugs, feel free to tell us.

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