How to Get Rid of Roaches Overnight: A Real Guide [2023]

Roaches spread so fast that make we think it is an endless infestation. They can be found anywhere in the house so we believe that there is no way to get rid of them at once. Understanding why, how, and where they come in is the key to killing them as quickly as possible. So, how to get rid of roaches overnight? Prevention and correct treatment that we do at the same time is completely effective to kill them quickly. Keep reading this article to get further information on how to do this.

Preventing Roaches from Outside

how to get rid of roaches overnight home remedies
how to get rid of roaches overnight home remedies

First, to get rid of roaches completely, you surely need to prevent them from entering your house. So, to start getting rid of roaches overnight, you must block any spaces where the roaches will use to come inside first. Well, let us start with the most intense spot where roaches would likely gather.

Clean The Kitchen Regularly

Cleaning your house is completely necessary to prevent roaches from coming inside your house. Based on this research, the very first spot you need to check is your kitchen. There are three main things you need to check namely the kitchen debris, kitchen appliances, and the leftover foods on the sink that are what the roaches look for. So, let us discuss the detail.

First, you need to clean the kitchen debris regularly because usually, people will keep it in the garbage bin before throwing it out.  Here, do not ever keep it for more than one day. It is better to keep the kitchen debris out of your house, including any of the thrashes you have inside your house. Here, the roaches will eat any edible things they can find.

The other point here is that roaches usually will come out at night. That is the moment when people sleep and are unaware of the cleanliness of their house. So, if you do not clean the kitchen debris before the night comes, roaches will love to visit your house in order to search for food.

Second, the kitchen appliances should be cleaned immediately after being used. If you think roaches cannot crawl inside your devices, please rethink their nymphs. I usually find small roaches inside the kitchen appliances even though the devices are kept inside their box. It means that they can go anywhere as long as they can fit in and come inside.

Third, please wash your eating utensils after being used immediately. Do not ever let them be dirty and uncleaned overnight. Besides the unpleasant smells, the food debris can attract roaches to come to your house. So, just clean them and do not let any small pieces of edible food left for roaches.

Overall, the point here is to keep your kitchen clean. As has been stated before, any edible foods left in your kitchen can pull the hungry roaches to come in and start their infestation. So, to get rid of roaches overnight successfully, you must keep your kitchen clean.

Inspect The Stuff From The Outside

It is a bit surprising, but sometimes your children can possibly carry cockroaches from their school. School is usually an unexpected place to be guessed when it comes to the roaches tracing. Here, no one would likely think that a school, office, or any public place can be the source of the roaches.

In this case, it is a rare thing to be believed. But, still, it is worth enough to check your kids’ book bags and lunch pails. The book bags and lunch pails can be the carrier for the roaches in any of the possible scenarios. Well, it sounds strange but sometimes you can find roaches inside your children’s lunch boxes.

Here, it is not only limited to the school and book bags and lunch pails. The concept here is that the public place is actually an “unknown” place where you have no idea what actually exists there. But, it doesn’t mean that any of the public places that you or your family members have visited are the source of the roaches.

The reason why I ask you to pay attention to any of the things that come from the outside is to ensure that there are no roaches carried away. Well, back decades ago, even roaches can travel around the world by staying on ships.

So, I don’t want to make you afraid, but the point here is that roaches can travel and move from one point to the other. And then, as the consequence, to get rid of roaches overnight successfully, you must keep your stuff clean. That is the deal.

Sealing Any of The Gaps in The Plumbing and Electrical Installation

In some countries, the plumbing and electrical installation are connected from one house to the other house. It means that any bugs, including roaches, can use the paths to travel and start an infestation in the neighborhood. Well, it is not what you expect that roaches from another house moving to yours. So, here is what you need to do as follows.

First, you need to regularly check your plumbing system. If you find any gaps, cracks, or small spaces that possibly can be used for roaches to travel, just seal them. Do not wait until the roaches start to infest your house. It may waste your time a bit, but that spot is the great access from the outside for the roaches to come in.

Second, in the relation to the electrical installation, you need to check the wall outlets and switch plates. Do not let any of the roaches go out from there and start hiding inside your house. Here, roaches have a very thin body shape that can easily come out from any of the small gaps or spaces. Just seal them to prevent the roaches to come inside your house.

So, to get rid of roaches overnight successfully, you must keep your house safe from any of the roaches’ infiltration. Here, sealing any of the gaps in the plumbing and electrical installation is completely necessary. It can reduce the probability of roaches coming inside.

Check Your Groceries before Storing them

It may sound unbelievable but sometimes you will never know what actually exists in a supermarket until you check the groceries. Well, it is a sensitive issue but the existence of roaches in the grocery store is real. If you follow up on some news in recent years, you surely find such kind of news. Now, let us talk about this issue.

When you buy any products from the grocery store, please check them carefully because roach infestation can happen in a grocery store. There, you may find the parts of roaches under the display cooler, makeshift wall, or in any blocks of the grocery store. If you find one, that is a strong indication of an infestation.

Well, here is the deal. You have to check and even clean any items you buy to make your effort in getting rid of roaches overnight successfully. It may seem odd, but preventative action is needed to reduce the infestation rate. Then, in this case, inspecting carefully for roaches at any stage can help you a lot to clean the groceries.

Besides, it is wise to only buy a clean grocery store. Make sure that the place is not dirty, full of leakage containers, and doesn’t smell bad. Here, some markets are even dirty with flies around them. That is not the place that you look for.

Limit The Guests Access inside Your House

When you have checked all the things coming from the outside, sealed all the gaps and other potential gates for the roaches from outside, and even completely be careful with your groceries, you surely need to pay attention to your guests. Sometimes, roaches can travel via your guest.

Well, it is impolite to check their stuff like bags, briefcases, or whatever they bring in. So, what you need to do is to limit their space inside your house. For example, you need to provide their own room to keep their stuff. It will make it much easier to monitor and control because you can clean the room after your guests leave your house.

Also, you can clean the bedding set, cupboards, and any other of your stuff inside that room. Sometimes, it is not only roaches that can travel via other people, but also bed bugs and mites. Well, it is not cool if your guests surprisingly spread scabies or any other diseases, right?

On another side, it is also good to provide your guest with a clean bed cover, cupboard, pillow, etc. Sometimes, you have no idea that actually your house is being infested. So, keeping your guests safe is a good thing to do. Besides, to get rid of roaches overnight successfully, you must keep your house safe from any of the roaches’ infiltration.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed and Screened

Roaches become more active when the night comes. So, if you do not keep your doors and windows closed and screened, those will be the entrance for roaches and any other insects. Here, you don’t want any of the roaches to infiltrate inside.

Well, some of the doors and windows screens are designed to prevent insects from coming in. There is a lot of option you can choose nowadays with tons of features at an affordable price. Make sure you buy the one that suits your need and budget.

Thus, in this case, I find that the one which is based on aluminum is the best choice to prevent the roaches from coming in after dark. This kind of screen has better durability that makes you can save more money and enjoy the function longer. However, the choice is yours.

Spread Roach Control Granules

Roach control granules are pesticides in the form of granules that you can use to prevent roaches from coming inside your house. These granules are spread indoors or outdoors where roaches are likely to stay. But, for this strategy, you have to spread them outside your house.

Those granules work like poisonous foods that will kill roaches in two days, generally. It may not help you to get rid of roaches overnight. But, still, it is a legit thing you can choose to both prevent and kill even if it takes about two days. The other interesting thing is that these granules can also work to kill other pests.

So, it is a worthwhile thing to use for roach prevention. Here, you can spread the granules around your house, lawn, or any other side that belongs to your perimeter.

Now, let us talk about the treatment.

How to Get rid of German Roaches Overnight (and Others)

How do you get rid of german roaches overnight? When it comes to the treatment for the roaches that visit you overnight, there are some options you can do. Well, it all depends on the location, stages of roach development, how bad the infestation is, and of course your available time and budget.

Here, our strategy is to kill both roaches that are currently visible and hidden from our monitor. So, to completely kill them, I suggest some treatment options you can choose to get rid of roaches overnight. If you have any suggestions and even experiences, feel free to share.

Use Roach Spray and Aerosol to Kill Roaches

Research shows that roach spray is very useful to get rid of roaches, especially adult roaches. You can use the roach spray when you find the roach’s nest. There, you will find a number of roaches with their droppings, dirt, smell, and even other dead roaches’ body. So, using roach spray is completely good to kill all of them.

But, bear in your mind that the application of roach spray is only for adult roaches that you are in contact with. It means that you need to work hard more for those roaches that are still hiding inside your house. So, in this case, the best roach spray we have so far is residual sprays that still work even hours after spraying.

The product we can find nowadays usually consists of some particular formulation as follows:

  • Oil-based formula
  • Water-based emulsions
  • Water-based suspensions (Wettable powders)

Each of the products has its own pros and cons. For example, oil-based insecticides can damage floor tiles, painted surfaces, plastics, carpets, houseplants, and even create a fire hazard near the open flame. Then, water emulsions can stain wallpaper, draperies, and even cause short in electrical circuits. Last, wettable powders can leave active residues on the wood, and concrete or mortar block.

Therefore, you have to choose carefully. Here, I find some roach spray brands like Bengal, Bonide, and Maxpro that can help you a lot to kill roaches. This kind of roach spray is a very fast thing to apply to eliminate roaches. However, you need to pay attention to the cracks and crevices as they usually hide there.

Now, let us dig more.

Set Some Roach Bait and Gel Overnight

While roach spray and aerosol are used to kill roaches that are in contact with you, the roach bait and gel can help you a lot to kill hidden roaches. Well, let us think clearly first. What you face here is a small, thin insect that can fit everywhere. It means that they can hide behind your wall or any of the small spaces available.

Well, in this particular problem, I believe you don’t want to damage your wall just by searching the roaches behind your wall, cupboard, ceiling, and other parts of your house. In fact, they can run fast which makes you feel difficult to catch them. So, we need other treatment strategies to get rid of roaches overnight.

If it is your first time, let me tell you that roach bait and gel work as the poisonous digested substance. A study shows that substances such as abamectin and hydramethylnon in the bait and gel are attractive for roaches to be eaten. So, it can be spread to the colony by the roaches that go back to the colony after eating the bait and gel.

In this case, there are so many choices you have. Here, generally, this kind of product takes 24 hours for the chemical substance to kill the roaches. Those 24 hours are enough for the roaches to go back to their colony or nest. But, some other products can work better.

Now, here is the amazing part of roach bait and gel.

Roaches are well known to eat anything they can find, even other roaches dead bodies. Yes, they are cannibals. Those reasons make the roach bait and gel work perfectly. It is because the alive roaches in the colony will eat the infected dead roaches. So, it can make the poison spread in the colony.

To make all those bait and gel work fast and effective overnight, you should place the bait and gel in the right place. In the beginning, it is hard to map the location because sometimes we do not know how intense the infestation is. So, here is the suggestion of the most visited places for roaches.

  • Toilet, behind or beside it.
  • Under the sink, especially in the bathroom.
  • Shower or bathtub, besides it.
  • Kitchen sink, under it.
  • Refrigerator, under, beside, or behind it.
  • Stove, under, beside, or behind it.
  • The kitchen cabinet, in the back of it.
  • Water heater, beside or under it.
  • Washing machine, beside or behind it.
  • Dishwasher, beside or behind it.
  • Near the doors and windows.
  • Under furniture.

Set Some Roach Traps (Pheromone and Glue Trap)

While roach bait and gel work as attractive yet poisonous foods, the roach trap usually attracts roach in another way. Here, the roach traps use a pheromone to lure. In this case, pheromone gives particular signals to show that there are females that are ready to mate. That is why the trap is so attractive for roaches, males particularly.

Here, this study shows that the male roaches will be actively responding to the sex pheromone at night. So, applying roach traps is a good way how to get rid of roaches overnight. It is because roaches are at peak of their activity at night due to the sex pheromone attractions. Here, you need more than one trap to get rid of roaches instantly.

In selecting a particular roach trap, there are some considerations you need to compare such as the effectivity, durability, availability, the infestation level, and your budget. Alright, now let us discuss more in selecting roach traps.

Effectivity. So far, the roaches trap that is distributed in the market consists of generally two types which are glue trap and pheromone trap. Each of the traps has its own pros and cons. The glue trap seems safer yet the attraction level cannot be compared with the pheromone one.

Durability. One of the key issues on how to get rid of roaches overnight is the necessity to eliminate both indoor and outdoor roaches. In this case, killing the indoor roaches is a must while blocking the outdoor roaches from coming inside is also necessary. Here, you also have to consider the traps that are durable in the outdoor environment because things are harder out there.

Availability. Well, it is not as hard as in the past where sellers sometimes cannot provide people with a ton of various options for roaches trap. Nowadays, you can check, read the reviews, and buy roaches trap online. It helps people a lot to get rid of roaches overnight because they do not need to wait longer. However, some regions or states may ban certain products. So, check the availability now.

The Infestation level. Actually, it is quite hard to know how high the roach infestation level is because sometimes the roaches are hiding in the smallest and most unreachable spaces inside your house. Sometimes, you can even find hundreds of them with their eggs and droppings. So, logically, what you need to do is to map the area. You can set some traps and see which spots get more roaches.

Budget. Well, after you know or even just get some clues, you need to adjust your budget with your needs. It is because getting rid of roaches overnight sometimes needs so many traps, bait, spray, etc. But, it depends on your situation and decision. So, here are some affordable yet effective roaches traps.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Overnight Home Remedies

How to get rid of german roaches overnight or any other roaches naturally? Well, there are a lot of natural ingredients that we can use to deal with roaches. The use of natural insecticides can reduce the risks of hazardous chemical substances that may interfere with our health. So, what are those natural insecticides? Here, what this research suggests as follows:

The Mixture of Baking Soda and Sugar

It seems strange that baking soda and sugar can kill roaches overnight. But, this cheap mixture can kill roaches effectively. What actually you need to do here is just to mix equal amounts of baking soda and sugar. This mixture is actually a natural roaches bait that kills roaches eventually.

Here, sometimes roaches become resistant to the chemical substances in the insecticides that are being sold in the market. The concept here is that actually, roaches have a high acid content in their stomach. So, the mixture of baking soda and sugar will react to the acid and cause a deadly effect.

But, be careful. The research states that if people use this mixture, they have to keep it away from children and pets. Well, it can be inferred that this mixture is actually a strong one that can kill roaches easily.

So, this is one of the best realistic strategies that I can share so far to get rid of roaches overnight. Here, we have to focus on both prevention and treatment. It is because when we eliminate all the roaches inside, we must block all the roaches inside from coming in.

The Poisonous Boric Acid as Natural Repellent

Well, you must have heard so many people talk about the effectiveness of boric acid to get rid of roaches, right? Based on that research, the boric acid in a particular recipe can be a natural repellent for roaches that works fast and effectively. This recipe works as a poison that can be carried and spread among the roaches colony.

So, what is the recipe?

Here, this natural repellent uses ingredients that you can find easily. Based on the research, you just need a ½ pound Borax, 2 pounds powdered sugar, 1-ounce sodium fluoride, and ½ ounce cocoa. Then, just mix all the ingredients in a bucket or any container you have. That is all you need to prepare this natural repellent for getting cockroaches overnight.

How to apply it?

The next thing you need to do is to sprinkle this powder in the right place. Well, in this case, the study states that this recipe should be sprinkled at the spots where the roaches are found. Some spots such as the down cracks and crevices are examples of the right spots for the recipe appliance.

In relation to the appliance, you have to keep in mind that the recipe is poison. So, keep it away from your children and pets. Here, your mission is to kill the roaches overnight, not to damage your circle and surroundings.

Then, how does it work?

This recipe works as a poisonous substance that will stick to the roaches. There, when the roaches preen themselves, they will eat the substance which is actually poisonous. That is why this kind of substance can kill other roaches in the colony because they a very intense contact with each other.

Some Particular Herbs Peelings Prevent Roaches Naturally

I actually feel amazed when finding this micro topic but, it comes from a scientific research journal. So, I include these tips in this article. Well, let us talk about it because it can help you a lot to prevent roaches.

So, there are some herbs that are recommended to be natural repellents for roaches. So far, it is well known that cucumber, bay leaves, cayenne, and catnip can make roaches stay away. This phenomenon happens due to the smell of those particular herbs.

Here, you have to peel or cut the herbs so the scent can be stronger. Those smells may be good for humans, but not for roaches. They do not like those kinds of herbs. Then you need to place the sliced herbs in the cupboard or any places where the roaches usually dwell and appear. Even, if you find them near the kitchen, you need to place them around.

One more suggestion. It is better to keep the herbs peelings to stay fresh in order to produce more scent. You can change sliced herbs every day. It is like keeping the sliced herbs for more than 12 hours may reduce the quality. Therefore, you need to change them regularly.

The Mixture of Borax and Cornstarch

The other poisonous mixture you can use to get rid of roaches fast is the combination of borax and cornstarch. Here, this mixture works similarly to roaches bait, but in the form of a paste. So, it can kill the population when the poison spreads among them. Here is how to make this poisonous paste to get rid of roaches overnight as follows.

To make these poisonous roaches baits, you need to prepare some ingredients. Here, you need 1 cup borax, 1/4 cup powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 1 tablespoon water, and 1/4 cup small chopped pieces of onion. Then, just mix all the ingredients and make a paste.

Next, you need to roll the paste into little balls or any shape you want. Put them in a plastic container and leave the top open. Set the bait in the infested areas. After that, let the balls work. Hopefully, those roaches will die and the others that eat the body of dead roaches will be affected by the poison. That is how this formula works.

If you face a very enormous infestation, make sure that you make more balls. But, still, follow the given ratio so your effort will hopefully work well.

Natural Spray with Scented Oils

Well, instead of using any chemicals spray that sometimes drains your wallet, you can try this natural spray with scented oils to get rid of the roaches. In this formula, you need to prepare cypress oil and peppermint oil. The good news is that you do not need many drops, so you can even get it from your friend to test the spray.

Here is how to prepare this natural spray to get rid of roaches quickly. Just prepare a half cup of saltwater, 10 drops of peppermint oil, and 8 drops of cypress oil. Then, mix and shake them in the spray bottle. For this formula, you can apply it to the kitchen floors, doorways, countertops, and any infested area. This formula will make roaches stay away.

For a long-term effect, you can apply it a few times every week. It does not only make your room smells good but also makes roaches stay away. But, still, spray products are actually not created for roaches’ eggs. So, you may sometimes see them still moving around. Do not panic, you only need to kill them again till there are no more roaches inside your house.

However, if that spray doesn’t work for you, there are still some other homemade repellants you can try as follows.

Garlic Spray to Get Rid of Roaches Quickly

If you have extra budget and time, the following homemade repellant can help you to get rid of roaches overnight. This spray needs more ingredients than what has been discussed before. To make this spray, you need a clove of garlic, one onion, a tablespoon of ground cayenne pepper, one tablespoon of dishwashing soap, and one quart of water.

Here is what you need to do. You only need to crush the garlic, chop the onion, mix them with other ingredients and wait for them for about one hour. Just let the ingredients soak first and then add one tablespoon of dishwashing soap. After that, shake them and the mixture is ready to be sprayed.

You can apply the spray to any infested areas or any other spot where you do not expect the roaches to come. This spray can make the roaches stay away. But, be careful because the spray can be extremely irritating for your eyes. Dishwashing soap and pepper can hurt your eyes.


So, that is all the best realistic strategies that I can share so far to get rid of roaches overnight. Here, we have to focus on both prevention and treatment. It is because when we eliminate all the roaches inside, we must block all the roaches outside from coming in.

Then, we can use either chemical or natural products that both have pros and cons. All the products are actually good to kill roaches but we all have different considerations regarding health issues in our family. For a building like a house and a hotel, we need the less chemical product because people stay there.