How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches: A Complete Guide

Wood roaches are considered outdoor pests. They looked very similar to the American and German roach. They have a thin, oval body, long antennae, spiny legs, brown color, but smaller. These roaches are also known as palmetto bugs in Florida. here, wood roaches eat decaying organic materials, such as dead trees and leaf. So, how to get rid of wood roaches? Learn carefully this following guide in getting rid of wood roaches on deck, in the house, outside the house, and in a natural way.

How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches On Deck

how to get rid of wood roaches
How to get rid of wood roaches?

Wood roaches are well-known as a great organism that helps the environment in reducing the decaying organic materials that in this case are dead trees and leaf. So, actually, this roach is helpful for our environment.

On the other side, some of us may be worried about our house deck that is made from woods. We may be afraid that wood roaches will eat them up and destroy the building. So, the existence of one or two wood roaches on deck can be the initial sign of invasion,

So, how to get rid of wood roaches on deck and other wood furniture Here is the guide for you.

  • Sealing every gap and opening with cement or plastic.
  • Screen your windows and doors tightly so they can’t come in.
  • Store your firewood away. Don’t keep it near your house.
  • Just store a moderate amount of firewood. So, you can decrease the breeding as much as possible by limiting their food sources.
  • Phototaxis in cockroach is rare, but the male wood cockroaches seem attracted to the light. So, don’t use too much light. It will lead females to males for reproduction.
  • If you encountered one, you can collect it with a vacuum cleaner or a broom and dustpan and discarded, do not step on it or smash it because you will spread the germs.
  • Seal all penetrations.
  • Stop every leakage, put some screens on your overflow drains.
  • Remove rotten twig and leaves from wells.
  • Move garbage cans a bit further from your house.

How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches In the house

The only reason why wood roaches in your house are your firewood. But, this research shows that there are some particular areas in the house that can be invaded by wood roaches such as storage areas, greenhouses, or shelter boxes for other structures such as water pumps. Actually, it is not like other roaches that will eat your foods in the house. So, their existence in your house is limited.

So, how to get rid of wood roaches in your home?

On the other side, the term wood roaches may confuse people that refer to other cockroaches species. Well, this trick hopefully works to get rid of “wood roaches” in the house. In this case, roaches seem to love beer. Why? Cockroaches love sugar and they are drawn to the aroma of certain beer hops and brewing styles, along with the sugar in beer which is a natural temptation. Here are the steps for making your own cockroach trap:

  • Take an empty jam jar or deep bowl with a rounded-edge. Coat the inner side with Vaseline, so the roaches won’t be able to escape because the surface is slippery.
  • Put a slice of beer-soaked bread (or anything) at the bottom. The cockroaches will be attracted by the smell of beer, but the Vaseline-coated edge will make them unable to run away.
  • Close the jar
  • You can dispose of them however you see fit.

Well, how do I get rid of wood roaches in my house? Well, I realize their flexibility. Cockroaches are small and flat enough to fit through even the smallest cracks or crevices. Therefore, in order to keep them out of your home, you should seal all potential entrances that possibly can be passed by cockroaches. Also, using a stopper to clog sinks and bathtubs can prevent roaches from getting into your home through the drain pipes.

Remove all water sources. By removing, cleaned up, and fixed your water leaks. Don’t let any leakage flows out your pipe. Cockroaches can live for months without food but cannot survive without water.

How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches Naturally

You can spray insecticides on cockroaches. But if you have a phobia, you can ask your neighbor or an exterminator for help. So, how to get rid of wood roaches naturally?

Use diatomaceous earth as a mechanical pesticide. It won’t affect your garden but drive the pests away, including cockroaches. The powder will be carried on the cockroach’s tiny leg. Diatomaceous earth contained silicon that dehydrates insects to death. Insects’ exoskeleton is made from oil and wax that maintain their fluid. Silicon destroys insects from their exoskeleton by absorbing their fluid to death.

After watering plants, wait for a moment to dry, and then dust your garden with an applicator since it’s powdered soil. The powder sticks to the plant surfaces. Don’t spray too much because there’s a probability that cockroach will scare and infest other parts of your house. You can see results within two weeks because it doesn’t put a simple quick death on insects. Because diatomaceous earth kills the nymphs and adults slowly, not the eggs.

This won’t apply in humidity. Also, don’t forget to use protection (goggles and a mask) because breathing too much dust will cause coughing and sore your throat.

How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches Outside The House

The areas outside your house are the most loved spots for wood roaches since the availability of their food source: decaying woods and leaves. So, you need to pay attention to some spots like a trash can, pile of woods, trees, and even palm as the decorative plants. So, how to get rid of wood roaches outside the house?

  • Eliminate sources of decaying wood by disposing of it so cockroaches won’t inhabit. Sources of decaying wood are mulch, woodpiles, and decayed organic material. Cockroaches usually nest beneath the mulch. Don’t forget to check the mulch and get rid of it.
  • Put a lid on your trash can. Even you don’t smell it, the pests still able to. A secure lid will help to make your trash smells less attractive to them.
  • Clean your recyclables. Most recycling companies require those food containers are rinsed before recycling, even you can do it, anyway. Especially if it’s something such as a jam jar or other jar or bottle that has a strong food smell, it’s a good idea to clean with soap or let it soak for a small amount, to induce those scents out.
  • Use borax as a pesticide in place of diatomaceous earth if you like. Borax can kill cockroaches effectively by dehydrating them to death. Borax is found in common household chemical and laundry products, to enhance the performance of cleaning.

How to Keep Wood Roaches Away with Borax?

  • First, make your insecticide. Cockroach eats sugar and flour. So, you can mix sugar or flour with borax. And put it inside a container.
  • Second, dust it. Shake your container and apply enough powder to be just visible to the naked eye. Put the powder on small cracks and crevices or anywhere that moist and warm–where cockroach hides.
  • This tip is suitable for dry conditions.
  • Third, replace it when necessary. Don’t forget to check your borax dust. If it gets wet or you cannot see the application, just re-apply!

But, there is another option using borax to get rid of cockroaches. You can make bait by mixing together the borax powder with sugar, cornstarch, onion, and water to make a paste. Roll the paste into small balls and place them into a sandwich bag. Don’t forget to place the bait away from kids and pets. Keep the bait in the dark because cockroach prefers dark space. Also, change the bait when it runs out or has dried out.

Neither borax nor boric acid kills by contact, the cockroaches must ingest the powder. When they do, the compounds interfere with their digestive system and kill them.

It is not practical to treat firewood or other areas away from your house, because males can fly in from a short distance. Also, to limit the risk of exposure to toxic chemical fumes when burning firewood, you can use non-chemical preventive practices.

Well, that is all how to get rid of wood cockroaches. Now, how do you get rid of wood roaches? Please share your tips with us.