How To Make A Guy Chase You: The Psychological Tactic

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how to make a guy chase you
How to make a guy chase you

How to make a guy chase you using male psychology? It may sound surprising but completely logic at the same time.

Ah, here it is.


Well, at the beginning of this discussion, please bear in your mind that the strategy you will read ‘how to make a guy like you’ is based on male perspective…

…in a psychological way.

But, let me tell you that those perspectives below are actually what guys think in a general way.

The Reasons Why A Guy Psychologically Do Chase You

There is a myth that what guys think from girls is just about her beauty and booty.

So, having a perfect shape is how to make a guy like you.

Well, that is not incorrect.

But, the truth is that not all guys think a girl in that way.

Even that is not how to make a guy chase you using male psychology.

In a more broken-hearted guy, he will consider how good the attitude from the girl she knows.

In fact, guys usually think in a simple way to find a reason to chase a girl…

…but at the same time has some complicated considerations to accept his ex back.

However, that is just another case.

In this discussion, what I will show you is the essential things in the strategy on how to make a guy like you according to experts.

Make Sure You Have A Good Flirting Skill

Ah, here comes the most classic thing in pre-relationship between a man and a woman.

If you are a straight-forward people, it is so easy to express yourself including your love and feelings.

So, you do not really need to think about how to make a guy chase you using male psychology.

But, what if you are just testing the water?

You do have to flirt in order to make he knows that you have a love signal for him.

Is that how to make a guy like you?

Yes, it is.

Flirting at work can be a good kick start to see the initial response from him about you.

Also, flirting can be an essential thing on how to make a guy to chase you using male psychology.

A guy is so logical, so if he is interested with you and you do have the same signal, surely he will chase you.

But, even he doesn’t have any interests to you; it can warn his radar that there is a woman who has special attention to him.

However, in a few perspectives and background, flirting is a taboo thing for a woman.

If you are in this boat, here is my strategy on how to make a guy like you based on your current situation.

You can ask other people to gather his opinion about you and the possibility of a kind of relationship between you and him.

This move means a signal for him and it is an exclusive point on how to make a guy like you.

Well, it sounds a bit strange for some people, but we do live in a different setting and background, right?

Stay Clean, Tidy, and Beautiful

Do you still believe about love at first sight?

If you do, I do believe that you know well how important it is as your special point.

Even it is an essential point on how to make a guy chase you using male psychology.

But, sometimes, a few girls choose to not even care about her appearance.

It is okay to be like that if you are not interested in how to make a guy like you.

But, if you want to attract the guys, surely you need to stay clean, tidy, and beautiful.

Well, you may think that what you need is makeup, fancy shoes and bag, a hype outfit, and etc.

Also, you must think that those things can cost you much and sometimes following a trend can break your balance.

Surprisingly, not all guys attract to a high-fashion girl…

…in fact, a girl will be looked weird with all the make-up and outfit.

It hurts, but that is what on guys mind.

So, you have to know first what actually he likes and attracts to.

Then, the other thing that can make a guy chase you is that he remembers the scent you have.

A guy is like other normal humans who would love spending much time with people who have a good scent.

A good looking girl with stinky smells would make a guy go away and don’t even want to know her more.

So, if you want to make a guy chase you, it is literally you have to know what is in his mind.

Stay clean, tidy, and beautiful is what a guy looks for visually…

…plus, you do need to have a good scent too.

Pick The Right Colour for Your Outfit to Catch His Attention

Have you ever realized that a woman in red dress with sensual lips and high heels used to be symbolized as a hot chick?

Well, studies show that wearing red can attract guys; and even turn in as a competition for them to chase that red hot woman…

…whatever the outfit she wears.

Well, if you are a graphic designer, you do really know that some colors are completely stand out that in this case is red.

Imagine that you are in the middle of nowhere and people there wear the same boring color, and then you walk in a red dress.

Guess, what will happen?

Surely, you will make people pay attention to you because you are clearly showing yourself.

Then, the same logical way can be applied to make your guy chase you.

Whoops! A logical way?

Yes, it is actually not about the red color because the point is you have to stand out among the people with your outfit.

Then, why do I talk about red? It is because the color completely steals the attention.

So, what about your guy? Here is the strategy.

First, make sure you do know his favorite color.

Second, it is better to know his fetish.

Third, try to make yourself become his dream that comes in real life.

At this point, just do it once or twice.

Don’t be a fabricated girl.

You do this actually just to catch his attention, not become a fake character that you don’t even know.

Be An Assertive Person in A Polite Way

There is a saying that, whenever a woman gets mad, there will be a man who just keeps silence, doing nothing, and pretend to be dead.

Well, a man can be so bad in guessing…

…and all women know it well.

Unfortunately, the guy you wish to chase may be one of those types of the guys who are bad in guessing what a girl wants.

Here it is.

Please do not ever try to play a game like this.

“A woman will always right, and a man should know what a woman wants without a clear request.”

If you have high pride and ego like that, surely you are not his match.

He will not even realize why a girl always nervous around him, that, in this case, is you.

This kind of guy needs an assertive woman that at the same time can deliver her opinion politely.

By stating your opinion, he will know what you feel and what he needs to do.

You can surely talk and pay attention to the things around him.

It can make him feels that you notice him well.

For example, you can give your opinion about his outfit, new haircut, and even his work.

Make sure you do active when he asks something about you and show your true color.

Surely, being honest can lead to bitter reality.

But, hiding it just can make the taste become worse.

It is like a bomb that can explode anytime when your true identity revealed.

Don’t Be too Aggressive to Him

Dealing with a man in the form of love is not same with hunter game that each of the players intended to win the hunting.

To play a game with a guy, you do need to know when to send your signal and become a little bit mysterious at the same time.

So, being an aggressive girl sometimes and somehow makes a guy lose his interest in her.

A guy does love challenge and full of curiosity.

Some girls are so open that she likes the guy and even barely tell about her feelings.

That is a good option when all the efforts you do seems useless to make him understand that you like him.

But, if you are surrender since the beginning, he will not chase you and even feel uncomfortable with your existence in his life.

Sounds so bad right?

Well, yeah, a man is full of logic and simple thinking.

So, it is easy for him to suddenly leave you or stay away whenever he feels uncomfortable with you.

Here, you want to be his prey right?

So, what you need is just make a clear appearance and the rest is just let him hunt you whenever you go.

Be A Warm Girl to Make Guy Chase You

Have you ever noticed that almost all people love a person with an open, warm, and happier personality?

It doesn’t matter how tough a guy is, he is a normal human who needs a woman to be safe…

…even to hug and wipe his tears.

Having a warm personality is also good for your relationship with other people as they will easily mingle with you.

Thus, the question is how to show it?

To be honest, being a warm people needs genuine action and mindset.

In this case, you cannot just simply fake all the things.

For example, people will recommend you to show the man you like you love warm beverages.


It is because studies show that people who love warm beverage would likely recognize as a warm person than the cold one.

You may disagree with this, but it can be one of a few options you have to show how warm you are in front of him.

Then, in my opinion, a guy actually does not pay attention to those kinds of things.

It is quite weird for a guy to observe what a girl drink and even how much minutes she needs to drink it all.

Then, here is the secret.

All a guy need from you is how you treat him as good as possible.

It can depend on his point of view because everyone is unique.

One more…

…even though you are a kick-ass girl, when you treat him well, then he will still chase you.

Try to Be As Close As Possible to Your Guy

A man is actually a boy in a bigger size and responsibility.

It means that this creature actually needs special attention to accompany him traveling his world.

So, to get into this, you do need to be as close as possible to him.

The more you spend time with him, the more attention you will get from him.

Be his companion and make him feel safe, alive, and happy when he stays close with you.

Some guys can even fall in love with the girl who frequently pays attention to him.

When he feels everything is perfect with you, surely, he will chase you when you are not on his side.

In fact, not all people want to have a long-distance relationship.

So, stay close to him, make him feel safe staying with you, and he will chase you.

Let Him Know That He Is Not The Only Man in Your Life

Here, it is an arguable statement which comes from a different perspective…


In some parts of the world, competing for a girl sounds challenging because it suits men instinct who love to compete.

If it is normal for you to have multiple dates at the same time, then you surely need to make the guy you do like to know that he is not the only man in your life.

In this case, a man should know that you are a very valuable diamond that needs an extra effort to get.

You can be so open to tell him that you sometimes have a chat or even go somewhere with other guys…

…and you love it.

Surely, if he has an interest to you, he will be more active to chase you.

In contrast, if he is fine with that, it means he just thinks you as his friend.

And then, on another side of men perspective, a man will appreciate you more if he is the only one in your life.

It may sound a bit surprising for you, but that kind of guy does exist.

This kind of guy will think you are a player who can easily jump from one man to another man.

So, chasing you is not a worthy thing to do…

…or even it is a silly thing to do.

He will only chase a girl who makes him special and sure that her love is just for him.

Sounds egoistic? Well, that is a reality.

So, before you take a step, you can ask his opinion about a girl who has few dates on different men to get his point of view.

Then, you can play safely.

Be His Mutual and Valuable Friend

Not all guys chase women who have a perfect curve.

Sometimes, your inner beauty plays a more important thing in his decision to chase a girl.

As we know that people would get older and physical appearance doesn’t stay young forever, mutual friends really are important.

Nowadays, some girls only focus on how to make the perfect curve of their appearance.


…only a few of them have a good manner to the guy they look for.

Being a helpful girl can be a very positive point in man’s perspective.

As a man, one of the important issues for his life is to find a girl who understands what he does…

…and also supports him to go through the problems.

The problem is that sometimes what a guy can find is just a dependent girl who doesn’t even appreciate what he has done.

In this case, man is just like other normal humans that need help, love, and attention.

Thus, when you can be a very good mutual friend to him, surely he will chase you.

In some cases, a man can even do everything for you because you are the best girl he ever met.

A Guy Love Chasing Mysterious Girl

Being an assertive girl and mysterious girl can confuse you in an instance, right?

But, that is the reality.

Being an assertive girl means that you have a clear point of view about something.

Then, being a mysterious girl means that you are not rush to bring him in your world…

…or even your secret.

It is said that a woman can easily talk about everything about her life even to the new people she meets.

If the guy you target has the same feeling, it will be fine to tell everything in the first meeting.

But, what if he doesn’t have any interests with you?

Surely, he will stay away and not even interested to chase you.

Thus, you can gradually talk about yourself and even show a secret to him when everything is correct.

By doing this, your guy will be curious about you and it makes he chases you.

Instinctively, he wants to know more about you even sometimes it will just end up as a friend.

However, it is worth to make him chase you.

Be The Missing Piece That He Needs

Each of us as a human being must have something we want but we had never accomplished it.

Or, we already had everything but, still, there is a missing piece in our life.

Here it is…

…You may find that you do like the guy because he can fulfill the missing piece you look for.

Then, why do not you do the same thing for him?

I am not going to say that you have to act or behave in a fake way.

But, rather, it is just your special attention for him, right?

Well, I do believe you do know how to find out what actually he looks for or miss with.

But, if you can’t find that, let me share a little secret to get your guy to chase you.

You may often know that the strong person usually soft inside or…

…the harder he laughs, the more he cries inside.

Or, actually, he becomes so strong because he had much pain in his life.

As a human, it is normal for him to have something he wants.

The problem is that it is not easy to find out what actually he looks for, especially if he is a quiet and introvert guy.

In a relationship, to deal with an introvert guy is actually not that hard.

Here, you cannot just simply ask what he wants because he may have a self-barrier to you.

You do need an extra effort to dig out this kind of guy.

Make sure you can become a purely his friend that he can trust, so it will be easier for him to share what he feels.

Once he tells you about his personal life, then you can guess what actually he wants.

Love Yourself and Happy With What You Have

While people focus on inner beauty, why don’t you focus on your inner happiness too?

Have you ever met people who are not happy with their life even they get all the things they want?

It sounds ungrateful, but that kind of people do exist.

In general perspective, I do believe you do agree that such behavior spread negativity.

As a consequence, no one wants to stay close to them.

Thus, as the opposite, you need to be grateful for your life and happiness.

Do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t disturb other people’s right.

So, people around you can see that you spread positivity and even a single smile from you can make their day.

In another side, a man will love that kind of girl to accompany him on his journey.

So, there is a strong reason for a guy to chase you.


After you learn some tips on how to make a guy chase you psychologically, you will realize that you have to come deeper into his life.

In this case, you do really have to know his personality, mindset, and his little secret things like his favorite hero when he was a child.

Those things you have read above are just a general point of view from a guy in deciding what kind of girl he would chase.

You can’t just simply generalize all the boys you know because you think that boys are just boys.

If you can stay in his mind and even touch his deepest heart, surely, he will make you as his queen.

Sounds normal right?

Well, many girls think that man uses more logical approaches in his life. Of course, that is true.

But, a guy is a human too who has feelings, empathy, and even personal preference that makes him stand out from other boys you know.

Surely, you need to know him well and show your effort in your journey. That is how exactly to make a guy chase you.