How to Stop Walking on Eggshells in Your Relationship

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how to stop walking on eggshells in your relationship
How to Stop Walking on Eggshells in Your Relationship

Here comes the question; how to stop walking on eggshells in your relationship?

Bruh…It is so hard to write this article because it brings back some memories somehow.

However, let me share my point of view related to this matter.

I do know how desperate you are right now.

It is just like whatever you did is never be enough, right?

Prepare some coffee or snack.

It is going to be a long story.

Is It Really Hurt Walking on Eggshells in A Relationship?

I do believe that not all people can have a relationship in this way.

Also, I do believe that ‘love’ can make people treat us well, right?

But, in this particular type of relationship, we cannot expect much because we are the one who will continuously love…

…or, in other words, our partner doesn’t really do the same thing we do.

Have you ever felt that?

I hope you don’t.

In this particular type of relationship, you cannot really express yourself and even your love.

Walking on eggshells literally means that no matter how careful you are while walking, you will crack the eggshells or even crush it into pieces.

In this case, you are getting sick surely.

It feels like, even breathing is the worst thing to do…

…whoops, that is too odd.

But, seriously, sometimes you can feel so jealous of what other people have in their relationship.

You can see that people can constantly smile and laugh with their love, while you are drowning in your misery.

Then, you must be done curiously about what does walking on eggshells mean in the context of relationship.

Well, let me explain to you.

What Does Walking on Eggshells in A Relationship Really Mean?

If you don’t really know nor have no idea about it, let me tell you that walking on eggshells in a relationship is quite weird to be believed that…

…it does really exist.

Just like what I mention in the previous discussion, this type of relationship makes you cannot express yourself freely.

You will do surely worry about any move you make because you know that your partner will become sad, upset, disappointed, or even angry.

Yeah, it is like literally being careful while walking on eggshells.

Then, having this type of relationship makes you realize that in your love story, there is only about your partner’s needs over and over again.

Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder

Why do such things happen?

It is hard to say, but your partner must have something we call emotionally unstable personality disorder.

In this state of condition, even something minor mistake can lead to a fight.

Based on my experiences, this type of disorder primarily comes from a bad habit and parenting way of raising a child.

For example, the parents always give their daughter whatever she wants without any lesson about effort or struggle in getting it.

It sounds normal because every parent wants to give the best for his daughter.

But, when the child grows up, she will tend to get whatever she wants without thinking about other people’s right and feelings.

So, she can be very childish, egoist, or even cruel to all of the people who cannot fulfill her needs.

Regular Fighting VS Walking on Eggshells in A Relationship

On the other side, I do believe that every couple has a moment where they fight in a short or even long time.

Also, it is normal for you two to have a never-ending debate arguing something.

Regular fighting

Regular fighting sometimes drains your days and emotions but it can be ended in minutes or hours.

In regular fighting, as a couple, you two have an equal chance to express what you think or want.

In this type of argument, there is no one who becomes subordinate for the other…

…or in other words, no one becomes so dominant.

In fact, regular fighting is actually needed to make sure both of you can understand more how your partner thinks and where he/she stands on.

Also, regular fighting can be a good way to solve the problems you two face because the debate is actually a solving-problem discussion based on different perspectives.

Walking on eggshells

Meanwhile, when it comes to walking on eggshells, the situation is completely different.

It is only you who feels desperate for all the problems you face.

Well, actually your problem is the way your partner behaves and respond for the things around.


Because whatever the problem is, there will be you who will be blamed or even becomes the one who has to get all the waves of anger from your partner.

In this particular situation, being in regular fighting is something you will avoid.

Seriously, I believe you don’t even want to have an argument because it will become the worst thing you had in your relationship.

To be concluded

In short, being in regular fighting and walking on eggshells is a completely different thing.

So, even you are in debate with your partner, it doesn’t always mean that you are walking on eggshells in your relationship.

Particularly, you will find the signs if you are really in an emotionally unstable relationship below.

Surely, it differs with just regular fighting.

The Signs That You Are on Eggshells Relationship

How can you tell that you are in an emotionally unstable relationship?

In this particular part, you will find the signs that mean you are in a very toxic relationship.

At the first, you may find that this thing is completely usual for you…

…but, later on, you will realize that such things are not good for you.

Let us dive in.

You Do Worry So Much about Your Partner’s Mood

Well, it is so normal if you are worried about your partner when she or he is sick.

Also, it is so normal if you are worried about what your partner feels when she or he gets bad news.

Those things are normal…

…even, if you are also worried about your partner’s mood.

But, it comes to be walking on eggshells when you actually spend your days thinking about your partner’s mood to make sure your relationship runs well.

Have you ever felt anxious, worried, or nervous about your partner’s mood?

Normally, as a partner, you will feel such things when you do make a mistake.

But, if you are worrying that everything you will do can make him or her mad at you, surely, you are walking on eggshells in your relationship.

Well, it is not only limited to the anxious, worried, and nervous feelings but also expanded to such things like you do worry to her/his anger, glares, sarcasm, frowns, and etc.

In this kind of situation, you may feel that whatever you do is wrong, is not it?

Well, you do need to be careful when you are in this situation.

You Always Revise What You Are Going to Say

Well, it is a good thing if you watch your spoken language carefully.

It is also a very nice behavior if you can talk politely…

…or, maybe it is not for some people.

Revising or editing your thoughts before you talk can be a good sign that you do care about other people’s feeling.

But, if you do this repeatedly just because you don’t want to make your partner upset, surely, you need to rethink about your relationship.