Is It Normal to See Bed Bugs After Treatment? Read This

Is it normal to see bed bugs after treatment? Well, this is a common question that frequently people ask, especially for those who have never had any experiences in bed bugs extermination. This question arises because people would normally expect that bed bugs treatment will instantly be successful for the first time.

Unfortunately, the problem is that people often still see bed bugs after the treatment and it makes them wonder “is it normal to see bed bugs after treatment?” like probably what you think right now. Well, if you are in the same state now, let me tell you some possibilities that make live bed bugs still appearing after treatment.

Actually, to completely remove bed bugs, sometimes you even need some repeated treatments. It all depends on the scale of the problem is. If it is just a small-scale of infestation, surely you only need one shot bed bugs treatment to completely remove all.

Here, surely you need to understand two common things after bed bugs treatment; 1.) You will still see bed bugs between the treatments but the number should be less with each treatment, and 2.) It is normal to see an increase in bed bugs activities after the first treatment.

So, is it normal to still see bed bugs after treatment? Yes, it is. Learn why this happens in these following passages.

Why Do Bed Bugs Still Live After Treatment?

is it normal to see bed bugs after treatment
Is it normal to see bed bugs after treatment?

Why is it normal to see a few bed bugs after treatment? In this case, you have to know that you will still see some bed bugs after the first treatment.

In fact, some days after the first treatment, you likely experience an increase in bugs activity than you got before the service. However, by continuing with some following treatments, you should find fewer bed bugs.

But, is it normal to see bed bugs after second treatment?

Yes, it is still normal for you to see bed bugs after the second treatment. Normally, the bed bugs should be completely removed after the 3rd treatments. However, it also depends on the infestation scale and the precise treatment techniques you choose to eliminate them. Those bed bugs may disappear completely after the second treatment.

Therefore, here are some reasons why bed bugs not completely eliminated in the initial or even second treatment as follows:

There Are Some Unreachable Hidden Places

Why is it normal to see bed bugs after treatment? The first reason is the possibility of the unreached place where they hide. If it is a big scale of bed bugs infestation, it means that bed bugs can hide anywhere as long as it is possible for them.

So, it is hard for you or even the exterminator to eliminate bed bugs without knowing the precise place where they hide. There are some surprising places that you can check to see the existence of bed bugs such as:

  • Under your carpet.
  • Beneath or between your floorboards.
  • Behind your baseboards.
  • Behind your crown molding.
  • Beneath your window frames.
  • Beneath your door frames.

They Were Not in Their Meal Time When The Treatment Applied

There is a well-known fact that bed bugs do not look for their nourishment every day. Usually, they only feed once a week. This habit makes them just bite people when they need food. So, when the treatment is applied, some of them may hide somewhere. So, is it normal to see bed bugs after heat treatment? Yes, it is.

Is It Normal to See Bed Bugs After Heat Treatment? Do These Tips

The heat treatment is a common thing you can do to eliminate bed bugs. Unfortunately, sometimes this technique doesn’t really work, or actually it needs other tricks’ combination. Knowing the right treatment is necessary. Here are some suggestions when the heat treatment doesn’t work as follows:

Use Vacuum Cleaners

When heat treatment doesn’t work, you can use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate bed bugs. Here, you should keep them in a sealed bag or ziplock. And then, please throw away that sealed bags or you can burn it. Make sure that all the live bed bugs are eliminated.

Crush The Live Bed Bugs

To reduce the bed bugs, you can catch them by using a tissue. Collect them in a plastic bag. And then, just crush them. It can be more effective if you burn all the dead bed bugs. So, there will be no more chance for bed bugs eggs to hatch.

Other Particular Tips

  1. Wash the bed linens in a 1400 F hot water or more.
  2. Pull the beds away from the wall to prevent the migration.
  3. Do not let any crowded kinds of stuff in the room. Eliminate them.
  4. Keep the underneath beds free from anything.
  5. Let the mattress encasements stay in its place. Do not remove it.

So, is it normal to see bed bugs after treatment? The answer is yes.