Replace Kerosene Heater to Kill Bed Bugs With These Heaters

Heating is one of the important needs for humans when facing winter. Today, there are several types of space heaters used by people all over the world. Some use firewood, gas, steam, electricity, paraffin, etc. The difference is based on the financial capacity of the user and the availability of energy resources in the vicinity. However, are kerosene heaters effective for killing insects, such as a kerosene heater?

The kerosene heater cannot kill bed bugs because the heat generated is intended only to warm up. To kill bed bugs, it takes at least 113°F of heat for 90 minutes to kill adult bed bugs and 8 hours to kill bed bug eggs. To shorten the eradication, we can increase the heating temperature to 122°F to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

So far, the use of kerosene heaters is only intended for space heating and livestock that require warmth to keep livestock warm. As a heater, the heat produced by the kerosene heater is only limited to feeling warm and unable to kill bed bugs. On the other hand, bed bugs also like warm places. Therefore, the use of a kerosene heater has the opportunity to make bed bugs more comfortable living.

kerosene heater to kill bed bugs
Replace kerosene heater to kill bed bugs with these heaters

Overview of the kerosene heater

Kerosene heater is a portable space heater and uses paraffin as heating fuel. In some countries like Japan and others, people use this heater as the main heater in the house. Meanwhile, for other countries such as Australia and the United States, this heater is an emergency heat source.

Kerosene heater is used as a room heater because this type of heater is able to warm the entire room or only part of the room. In this case, the heater is usually divided into two types, namely convection and reflection heaters. This type of heater is of course cheap in terms of cost, but unfortunately, the air in the room will be easily polluted by gases from combustion. Therefore, nowadays, people use the link between the combustion chamber and the outside air.

The use of a kerosene heater to kill bed bugs is certainly not effective because it requires so much heat at a constant minimum of several tens of minutes for one room. This is very difficult to do because heating a room means driving out the occupants and of course, it is inconceivable how troublesome it is for us to separate items that are easily damaged by heat. Therefore, we need to try another heater which is better.

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There are tons of heaters on the market today. It’s just that most of these heaters are not really used to kill bed bugs. Most of the heaters that are sold are indeed only used for heating the room only. Therefore, here are some recommendations for heaters that are indeed used by professional exterminators to kill bed bugs.

Vapamore Steam Cleaner

Vapamore steam cleaner is a multifunctional heater that is able to kill bed bugs, mites, and clean objects in the house using hot steam power. Basically, this tool uses water that is heated and then sprayed to the destination points in the form of very hot steam.

The steam produced is hot up to 210°F which is more than enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs. For this type of heater, it is very suitable for cleaning carpets, mattress folds, narrow crevices around mattresses, pillows, mattresses, bed covers, etc. which tend to be hiding places for bed bugs.

This heater has many accessories that are very useful for reaching small crevices where bed bugs hide. As we know, bed bugs often choose hidden places to lay eggs and breed. Therefore, if the spread of bed bugs is only around the bed, then this tool is certainly right for us.

In addition, this tool can be used to clean shells, dirt, and even the remains of dead bed bugs that are usually difficult to clean. This is because basically this tool is created to clean stains and dirt that are difficult to clean using hot steam. However, because the steam produced is very hot, this tool is the choice of professionals to kill bed bugs thoroughly while cleaning the remnants of the bed bugs.

Replace Kerosene Heater to Kill Bed Bugs With These HeatersGet Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System

ZappBug Heater

One other type of heater that is often used by professionals is the Zappbug heater. In principle, this tool is a portable heating box that can kill bed bugs on objects around us. Its use is quite simple, that is, insert objects that are indicated to be hiding places for bed bugs into this box, heat it up, and wait for it to finish. Then, bed bugs will die completely.

This heater is very useful for people who do not have too much time to explore the small folds in the mattress or the narrow crevices around it. In addition, sometimes we often miss a point or two where bed bugs live and will breed again in the future. Of course, this kind of tool is more practical and saves energy.

The Zappbug heater can generate heat up to 120°F which is enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs. With the heat at this level, you can also kill bed bugs hiding in electronic devices. However, for electronic devices, of course, you have to read the manual from the device because not all electronic devices are able to continue to operate properly after being heated to such a high temperature.

For this type of heater, Zappbug has several variants, ranging from the smallest to accommodate suitcases to the largest to accommodate furniture. Of course, the price is different from each other. It is tailored to our budget and needs as users. For small houses, a small heater is highly recommended because it does not take up much space.

Replace Kerosene Heater to Kill Bed Bugs With These HeatersGet ZappBug Heater


Eradicating bed bugs with heat is a safe method because it does not cause pollution or leave residue after treatment. Unfortunately, in this case, a kerosene heater is not recommended because this type of heater is intended only to warm the room. On the other hand, to kill bed bugs, a fairly high temperature is required.

Therefore, the use of other heaters such as Vapamore and Zappbug is recommended to eradicate bed bugs through the heat treatment method. This is because these two tools have indeed been proven to be effective in eradicating bed bugs and have also been used by professional bed bug exterminators. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately switch to using these two tools right now.