Can Paraffin Get Rid Off Bed Bugs?

Paraffin is one fuel that we can get easily. It is toxic, poisonous, and useful at the same time. And then, you are here because you want to know whether this fuel can get rid of bed bugs or not. Well, you are on the right article and I wish you read this article till the end because there are some important things here.

Regarding the question can paraffin get rid of bed bugs, paraffin can get rid of bed bugs. We just need to apply liquid paraffin and mix it with olive oil to kill bed bugs quickly. However, this mixture can only be applied directly to adult bed bugs that appear. It means that it is only for a direct application.

In other uses, this solid wax made of saturated hydrocarbons is also used for salon and spa purposes as a skin softener. Paraffin is tasteless, colorless, and odorless so it is preferred for treatment. Moreover, for industrial purposes, it turns out that paraffin is a necessary material for making crayons, electrical insulation, and lubricants.

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On the other hand, the use of paraffin in humans also has some side effects that we must understand before deciding to use this object as a bed bugs repellent. Therefore, read on for this article.

can paraffin get rid off bed bugs
Can paraffin get rid off bed bugs?

Can paraffin kill bed bugs?

Paraffin is basically a solid substance that is toxic to bed bugs. Crushing the paraffin, then sprinkling it on the bed bugs, can kill them. However, in general, people will use paraffin mixed with olive oil to kill bed bugs. For paraffin itself, now it is available in liquid form which makes it easier for us to mix it with olive oil as a spray.

The use of paraffin to kill bed bugs should be done in the form of a spray. This will make it easier for us to reach bed bugs evenly and efficiently. Sprinkling paraffin powder is not effective because of course it is difficult to grind the paraffin into small particles. In this case, it would be better if you use liquid paraffin mixed with olive oil. You just need to mix and then spray the mixture on the bed bugs.

Then, related to this, olive oil is one of the natural ingredients that can repel bed bugs. Some insect repellent products on the market even use olive oil as a mixture to repel insects, including bed bugs.

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How to apply paraffin to kill bed bugs?

Using paraffin to kill bed bugs is quite simple. You just need to spray the liquid paraffin mixed with olive oil on the bed bugs that are visible and appear on the surface. This method is very effective in killing the bed bugs that we find.

In this case, you have to be really careful and don’t miss the slightest bed bugs in your home. This is because bed bugs that survive will continue to reproduce and make a continuous life cycle. Surely this is not something people want right?

On the other hand, the fact is that sometimes we are not really able to reach the deep narrow crevices where the eggs and nymphs of bed bugs are hidden. That’s why treating bed bugs requires at least some combination of techniques to really get a complete and satisfactory eradication in the long term.

Side effects on human health

For humans, actually, paraffin does not have harmful side effects when exposed to the skin. This is because paraffin has gone through a laboratory test process to ensure the level of hygiene and safety for humans. In addition, the low melting point makes paraffin not cause blisters or burns on the skin.

However, for people who have sensitive skin, direct contact with paraffin should be avoided. This is because paraffin can cause discomfort such as rashes, itching, or red bumps that appear on the person’s skin. Related to this, sensitive skin does require special attention.

On the other hand, for some people, inhaling smoke from lit paraffin can increase the risk of health problems such as respiratory problems, headaches, kidney tumors, hormonal imbalances, allergic reactions, and even cancer. If you are asthmatic, then it’s best to avoid the smoke and smell of paraffin. This can worsen asthma and irritate your lungs.

In addition, the content of harmful chemicals such as benzene and toluene contained in paraffin can also make you feel a headache. Therefore, if you do have an intolerance to these substances, then you should avoid using paraffin to kill bed bugs and look for other alternatives that are healthier and less harmful.

It is important to understand that in killing pests such as bed bugs, we also need to pay attention to the safety of ourselves and the environment. Basically, every treatment for bed bugs usually leaves residue or a kind of odor that may have a bad effect on the health of some people.


Basically, the use of paraffin and olive oil to kill bed bugs is safe for humans. This is because both of these substances come from natural ingredients and have a low risk to humans. However, the side effects for people with certain health problems are exceptions that cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, there are several other, safer options for killing bed bugs without using paraffin. Here are the details.


Getting rid of bed bugs using a vacuum gives us better comfort and safety side than using a spray. This is because the vacuum does not leave chemical residues that have the potential to endanger health when exposed to a certain intensity.

This technique is suitable for killing bed bugs on the surface as well as hidden nymphs and eggs. The trick is quite simple, namely, suck everything, collect, then destroy. Make sure you suck up to the smallest and narrowest crevices. For that, we need to use a vacuum that is indeed used by professional exterminators.

One thing that is important to note when using a vacuum is to make sure you are really careful and don’t miss a single part. In this case, we have to check for any creases, small crevices, and hidden inaccessible points. Don’t forget, we also have to clean the base of the mattress and the carpet around it.

Well. that is all I can share now. Do you have any suggestions to get rid of bed bugs?