Can Petrol (Gasoline) Kill Bed Bugs?

Petrol and gasoline are two terms that are commonly used to refer to the same fuel. These two terms are used in different areas. Petrol is used in countries like India, UK, etc. Meanwhile, gasoline is a term used in the United States. So, this article represents both of these fuel terms.

Regarding the question can petrol kill bed bugs, both gasoline and petrol can kill bed bugs. This fuel is completely toxic and will kill any insects, including bed bugs. Like other fuels, petrol kills bed bugs in no time. You can see how fast this fuel kills bed bugs.

Like kerosene, petrol is a fuel derived from drilling for crude oil. Basically, different fuels are distinguished as they go through the refining process. From this process, we get various types of fuel such as kerosene, avtur, petrol, paraffin, diesel, etc.

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In everyday life, petrol or gasoline is generally used as fuel for cars and motorcycles. The smell of petrol is so strong that it sometimes makes us dizzy if we inhale it for too long. On the other hand, this fuel is highly flammable so people are very careful about storing it.

Then, what about the use of petrol as an exterminator for bed bugs? Let’s read the following review.

can petrol gasoline kill bed bugs
Can petrol (gasoline) kill bed bugs?

Can petrol kill bed bugs?

Petrol and gasoline can kill bed bugs easily. This fuel is completely toxic to living things. Humans and animals that drink this liquid fuel will be poisoned and can cause death if not handled properly.

Petrol is a hot and irritating fuel. This is what causes bed bugs do not survive. In addition, bed bugs’ nymphs also certainly cannot survive the gasoline that hits their bodies. However, on the other hand, research on the impact of this fuel on bed bugs eggs has not been found.

In addition, gasoline is a highly flammable fuel. If you use this fuel to poison bed bugs, pay attention to your surroundings. Do not let there be sparks or other flammable things. In tropical countries, sometimes fires can occur simply because the remnants of cigarette embers hit open gasoline.

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How to apply petrol (gasoline) to kill bed bugs?

Using gasoline to kill bed bugs is actually quite simple. You just need to spray petrol on the area where the bed bugs live. To kill bed bugs, you only need to spray one or two times towards the bed bugs. This is enough to kill bed bugs instantly.

Unfortunately, the application of petrol to kill bed bugs is only limited to adult-sized bed bugs and nymphs. So far there have been no reports stating that petrol is also capable of killing bed bugs eggs. But this will certainly be a different result if you try to burn the eggs. Unfortunately, bed bugs eggs are micro-sized and difficult to see.

Therefore, if you have no other choice but petrol, then make sure you also wash parts of the area with a special detergent to kill bed bugs.

Side effects on human health

According to Healthline, gasoline contains methane and benzene which are dangerous chemical compounds. Exposure to the aroma of the vapors can have a negative impact on your health. For sensitive people, inhaling the smell of gasoline can cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

Nerve damage

Taking deep breaths to inhale the vapors of gasoline can cause damage to the nervous system, especially if it is done continuously in the long term.

Over time, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, gasoline vapor residue that builds up in the body can damage myelin, the thin sheath that protects the brain’s nerve fibers. As a result, you will have difficulty remembering and carrying out normal conversations.

Long-term damage to the nervous system can also cause muscle spasms and tremors which then affect a person’s ability to walk, bend over, and speak.

Permanent danger

Inhaling the smell of gasoline or other chemicals can cause dangerous damage that is difficult to repair. For example, the onset of degenerative diseases, brain damage, muscle weakness, and spinal cord damage. Even some sufferers can experience damage to the sense of smell and hearing.


If the habit of inhaling gasoline vapors has been going on for years, the residual vapor that weakens the work of the nerves will affect the function of the heart, lungs, and brain. The reason is, the work of vital organs in the human body is very dependent on the nervous system.

If your lungs can no longer breathe in the amount of oxygen they should, this can increase your risk of sudden suffocation as you slowly stop breathing. The work of the heart also slows down at the same time until it finally stops.


Well, based on the explanation above, it will be completely wise to not use any petrol to kill bed bugs. It is because the liquid has some risks that we cannot deal with. In this case, we need much safer pest control that can kill bed bugs and has lower risks for us.

There, you can get some products that are chemical-based or natural-based. Each of the products has its own pros and cons which depend on your needs. If you have no health problems or allergies, you may get chemical-based as the treatment is temporary. But, if you have kids or any health problems and allergies, it is recommended to get the natural one.

Here, I would use a natural-based one because it is much safer for me and my family, and even my pets. For this purpose, you can use an EcoRaider insect killer that is safe for humans and animals. The natural active substance in the spray helps us to kill bed bugs instantly and safely.

In conclusion, petrol (gasoline) can kill bed bugs instantly but it is not recommended to use this fuel as a bed bugs killer. The side effects of this fuel are completely bad for our health.

That is all I can share in this post. However, I believe that you have something to share. So, what do you think about this topic?