Can Salt and Kerosene Kill Bed Bugs?

The use of natural ingredients in overcoming bed bugs is one of the efforts made to use and exposure to chemical elements. Salt and kerosene are the ingredients that are often used to get rid of bed bugs.

Kerosene has been shown to be able to get rid of bed bugs, although its use has both positive and negative effects. This is based on the fact that the use of kerosene is often used by previous generations to eradicate insects, including bed bugs. Then, what about salt?

Can A Mixture of Kerosene and Salt Kill Bed Bugs?

A mixture of kerosene and salt may sound good because they have the power to kill bed bugs. Unfortunately, that will only make it difficult for us. This is because salt cannot dissolve in kerosene.

Can kerosene kill bed bugs? Yes, it can. Actually, the kerosene itself is an element that can kill bed bugs without the need for any mixture. Its use can be directly in the form of a spray sprayed on insects. However, it is certainly effective for adult bed bugs.

Meanwhile, the use of a saline solution is also claimed to be used as bed bugs in both adult sizes and in the form of eggs. It is quite easy to use, that is, you just have to spray the salt solution on the bed bugs and their eggs, wait for them to dry, and in the end, the problem will be resolved.

Unfortunately, research that specifically addresses the use of salt as a bed bug killer has not yet been found (tell me if you see one). However, the use of kerosene to eradicate bed bugs has been carried out and has even become common knowledge throughout the world, especially for those of previous generations.

Then, is salt completely useless to kill bed bugs? Let’s read the following description.

The Mixture of Salt and Chili Pepper (Capsicum Baccatum) to Kill Bed Bugs

Well, the mixture of chili pepper and kerosene may sound strange. But in this study, it was shown that the extract from chili pepper was a powerful natural ingredient for killing bed bugs. In several levels of solution concentration, the problem is that chili peppers are able to overcome bed bugs.

In that study, the problem was that there was a solution of chili pepper mixed with salt. It turned out that the solution was also successful in killing bed bugs completely. This proves that salt can also be useful for killing bed bugs if it has been mixed with chili pepper.

Then, is the chili pepper and salt solution really effective on a large scale?

This question certainly arises because bed bug infestations sometimes attack many areas in the house. Then, of course, a solution that actually works really well is needed, right? Unfortunately, the statement confirms this.

In the study, the only problem was that the solution was applied to a small area and the treatment of bed bugs on a small scale was also treated. Therefore, advanced testing on a large scale is certainly what is needed because we as well need an effective and efficient solution.

On the other hand, of course, this even though it is something which has not been researched further or also. The use of natural ingredients not only reduces the risk of chemical exposure it also saves us money. Of course, we have to be patient because natural ingredients don’t have as many chemicals as synthetic pesticides.

The short answer to the question Can Salt and Kerosene Kill Bed Bugs? From this description, it can be said that kerosene is indeed good for killing bed bugs. Then, salt must be mixed with other substances such as chili pepper extract to kill bed bugs. Finally, mixing salt and kerosene is not recommended when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs.