4 Types of Fuel to Kill Bed Bugs That Actually Works

Fuel is one of the important components in human life today. In many places in the world, people need fuel for their vehicles which is very useful for commercial activities. However, on the other hand, there are also some people who use fuel to kill bed bugs.

There are at least 4 types of fuel used to kill bed bugs, namely gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and paraffin. All of these fuels have been proven to be very effective at killing bed bugs because they are highly toxic. These fuels can kill bed bugs instantly.

Although effective, not everyone uses these fuels. This is because each fuel has its pros and cons. Therefore, let’s discuss using these fuels to kill bed bugs.

types of fuel to kill bed bugs
Types of fuel to kill bed bugs


Kerosene is the most popular fuel which is still used by some people in various parts of the world to kill insects including bed bugs. This fuel, unlike other fuels, is more volatile and flammable. Although equally flammable, kerosene is considered safer so this fuel is used to kill insects.

In general, kerosene is used as a spray to kill bed bugs. In general, people in developing countries just pour this liquid fuel on the nests of insects that they exterminate. Then, instantly, the insect will die instantly. This also applies equally to bed bugs.

In addition, there are also some people who use kerosene along with other ingredients to get more effective results. These ingredients include camphor and salt. Both of these ingredients are natural and indeed very useful for killing bed bugs when mixed with kerosene.

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However, on the other hand, the use of a kerosene heater with the aim of killing bed bugs is certainly not effective. This is because the temperature generated by the kerosene heater is not enough to kill bed bugs. In this regard, higher heat is required.

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Another fuel that is often used to kill bed bugs is paraffin. Like other fuels, it is highly toxic to bed bugs. For this fuel, people usually use a liquid fuel instead of a solid one.

Usually, paraffin sold in the market is a solid fuel. This fuel is often used for outdoor activities. This solid paraffin is taken with you when camping, hiking, and other activities. The solid form of paraffin is like a wax that is very easy to burn and use for cooking.

However, to kill bed bugs, the paraffin used is liquid paraffin. This is because the use of fuel in the form of a spray is more effective in its application and leaves less residue. In addition, usually liquid paraffin is mixed with olive oil to get more effective results.

On the other hand, it turns out that the use of paraffin to kill bed bugs is quite risky. This is because the compounds contained in these fuels are harmful to humans at a certain level. Of course, we need to reconsider using this fuel as a bed bugs repellent.

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Petrol (Gasoline)

Petrol is the most commonly used fuel in motor vehicles. Almost all people in the world are familiar with this fuel. This is because nowadays in any part of the world, the most widely used fuel is petrol (gasoline).

Apart from its use as a fuel for motorized vehicles, it turns out that there are also some people who use petrol to kill bed bugs. Technically, killing bed bugs by spraying petrol is very effective. Almost all living things will die if they ingest this fuel to a certain intensity, including bed bugs.

In another practice, the use of gasoline to kill insects is by spraying it. This method is very effective and efficient because gasoline mist is able to spread and kill quickly. Without any mixture, gasoline spray is very effective in killing bed bugs in adult size.

Unfortunately, the use of petrol (gasoline) as an insect repellent certainly needs to be considered wisely from a health perspective. This is because humans and other living things around them must be safe from the toxic compounds contained in gasoline.

The use of petrol (gasoline) in an enclosed space is also dangerous because this fuel is highly flammable. In tropical countries, the remnants of cigarettes on gasoline can cause massive fires that can burn homes, buildings, and even a certain area. In some film scenes, it is always depicted how gasoline can burn somewhere easily.

Therefore, it needs very careful consideration before deciding to use gasoline as an insect repellent. This is because we must avoid other effects caused by using gasoline to kill bed bugs.

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The last fuel that is often used to kill bed bugs is diesel. Of course, this sounds quite strange because usually this fuel is used for heavy vehicles. In addition, its more concentrated form often makes it look unattractive. So, it seems impossible to be used as a bed bugs killer.

But in reality, this fuel can indeed be used to kill bed bugs and other nuisance insects around us. Just like other fuels, its use is enough by simply spraying it on the bed bugs that appear on the surface. The result is of course very effective in killing adult bed bugs.

Unfortunately, diesel fuel is not recommended as an insect repellent. This fuel is very dangerous for humans and their pets such as dogs and cats at home. Spraying diesel anywhere without supervision will leave a residue with harmful chemical compounds.

Therefore, we really need a substitute alternative. To learn more about the use of diesel as a bed bugs killer, read this article:

Based on the discussion that I have shared, there are at least 4 types of fuel used by humans to kill bed bugs, namely kerosene, paraffin, petrol (gasoline), and diesel. The use of fuel as an exterminator of bed bugs is certainly very effective. However, we also need to consider the impact on the long-term period.

So, what is your opinion related to this topic?