Where Do Cockroaches Come from in Apartments?

 Where do cockroaches come from in apartments? Cockroaches are a common enemy of every householder. Not just a matter of being small and creepy, cockroaches are a dirty pest that is a source of disease and triggers various other types of allergies.

In addition, the presence of cockroaches can also reflect an unhealthy and unkempt occupancy. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if a cockroach appeared wandering around when relatives or friends came to visit the apartment.

One big question remains: where do they come from? Some of the following things may be the cause. Enjoy listening!

The Garden

Plants that grow wild and creep untreated can attract the attention of cockroaches to stop by. In this phase, the chance of the cockroach to continue its journey into the apartment becomes closer.

That way, taking care of the park can be a good first step to making the cockroach think twice about stopping by and coming into the apartment.

The use of pesticides should not be the only solution especially if you have a baby in the apartment. The contents in it can endanger health especially children.

The Small Spaces

where do cockroaches come from in apartments
where do cockroaches come from in apartments

Cockroach is known as one of the animals that are good at sneaking. Slightly cracked at the door or window in the apartment, cockroaches are able to get inside and start spreading the bacteria and dirt they carry.

If the home situation requires you to open windows or doors more often because of the heat, for example, it never hurts to install additional doors made from net that can disrupt the mobilization of these annoying pests called cockroaches.


The Dirty Floor

As mentioned earlier, cockroaches can indicate occupancy that is far from the clean category. Therefore, the appearance of a cockroach means that you have to work even harder in maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment.

The floor has a big role because it is one of the biggest vital components of a apartment and needs to be maintained. With a clean and fragrant floor, cockroaches are reluctant to come even more to colonize.

The Trash of Foods 

Although cockroaches can live for weeks without food, the instinct to hunt for food remains if there is an opportunity.

Therefore, the arena, food in the apartment that is not stored properly can be a special invitation for these dirty pests to come.

Make sure to always store food, (especially leftover food that can be consumed again later) in your home properly and tightly closed.

The Stagnant Water

Standing water from either a leaking pipe or water droplets under the sink is also a fun playground for cockroaches. Carry out regular inspections to ensure your home is free of unwanted puddles like this.

Dry and make it not too moist as desired by cockroaches in general.

The Trash Bin

Cockroaches are also common if the trash can in your apartment is too full and can not be closed tightly. Plus if you mix wet garbage with dry garbage in one landfill.

The Dark and Damp Spaces

Minimize the dark and damp room in your apartment because it is an ideal location for cockroaches to come and colonize. In addition to large-scale such as empty rooms, piles of cardboard boxes that make culverts also have the potential to become a cockroach nest.

Dispose of used cardboard or plastic from electronic equipment or other unused home appliances. If you do have to keep them, make sure they are well sealed and neatly stacked.

The Cockroaches Colony

Have you just moved to apartment? And the apartment that you live in now is previously inhabited? If that’s the situation and you find cockroaches roaming around the apartment, it is possible that cockroach pests are already colonized in your home.

Like other pests, cockroaches have a strong tendency to colonize. So if there is one cockroach that has already invaded the apartment, it is likely that he will invite another flock to come.

Therefore, if you find just one cockroach in the apartment, act immediately and make sure that insect is driven out of the apartment.

Here, you can ask the previous occupant about the existence of this pest because if it is positive that the presence of cockroaches is not a stranger in the apartment, you need a thorough inspection and take immediate action to eradicate them.

So, where do cockroaches come from in apartments? Please share your opinion here.

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