Where Do Fleas Live on Dogs? Check These 8 Spots


Dogs are one of the pets that people love the most. There are thousands of dog breeds in this world. Unfortunately, they share a typical problem called fleas. So, where do fleas live on dogs? Well, there are some favorite spots for fleas to live on dogs such as back, chest, abdomen, neck, legs, crotch, and rarely on the head or tail. So, it means that fleas can be found in almost every part of a dog.

But, before you start to inspect the dog’s body, it is better to check the place where your dogs stay or spend time more.

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First, you have to check the dog house, especially the bedding part. In that spot, usually, bed bugs will lay eggs. It is known that fleas lay eggs on dogs, but it is likely that some of the eggs fall off from the dogs. That’s why you can find them around wherever your dog usually sleeps.

Second, since the fleas eggs on the dogs can be spread anywhere, it usually spreads around the other spots where your dogs stay or play. In this case, you may not find the adult fleas but the larvae or the cocoons. So, please notice the place where your dog stays.

Then, if it is necessary, you have to treat those spots with DE (diatomaceous earth). However, sometimes, diatomaceous earth not killing fleas, so you need to mix it with pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide.

Now, let us discuss where fleas do live in dogs’ bodies.


where do fleas live on dogs
Where Do Fleas Live on Dogs?

The dog’s back is the part where fleas will undoubtedly stay. The most common reason why fleas hide and stay there is because of the dog’s inability to groom that area. That is a difficult area to reach by the dog. So, it is important to check this part, especially in the middle along the bone line.

For some animals like bears, you can find them rubbing their back on the tree or whatever rough surface they can find. They would stand in front of the tree and start to rub their back from side to side or up-down. For that kind of animal, rubbing the back is not a difficult thing to do.

But, what about your dog?

Surely, that good boi needs your help. You can just simply help them to rub with a flea comb or even bring them to vet for some total treatments. In this case, you may find that there will be so many fleas you can find. Here, a study shows that back is the most infested area. So, it is not a myth that back is the area that needs special attention.

In that study, it is also found that:

  • 1-5 fleas were found on 32% of infested dogs.
  • 6-20 fleas were found on 36% of infested dogs.
  • Over 20 fleas were found on 32% of infested dogs.

So, the fleas infestation on dogs is a real problem that needs to be treated well as soon as possible. There, it is also found that clinical symptoms such as alopecia, pruritus, and flea allergic dermatitis do exist on some of the infested dogs.

Now, let us move to the other body part of the dog.

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Investigating the dog’s chest is necessary to find the fleas because this part is also hard to be reached by the dog. The same thing happens to almost all animals with neck and chest where their head cannot reach that part. It is Lucky for humans. In this case, people can use their fingers to check and rub their own chests.

So, what about a dog?

This study shows that the other parts of fleas infestation on dogs happen in the chest and abdomen area. Then, unlike other animals that can use their hands to rub like the monkey, your dog cannot do that. Surely, it is a hard thing to do for them. Here, you need to help your dogs. If you don’t do that, there will be some health problems that can attack your dog.

In this case, that study also finds that flea allergy dermatitis or fad possibly attacks the dog. It is also found that the ignorance of the owners can make this horrible problem happens. So, help your dog to groom in that area or even better, take them to the pet grooming service or vet for regular treatment. That is the best choice you can have.


Unlike the cat, it is hard for a dog to reach his abdomen area. Here, cats can even reach their upper body like the chest area by lowering their head while lying on the floor. They are able to lick the lower chest area until the abdomen area and sometimes they even could roll themselves like sushi. So, cats can groom this are by themselves. You do not need to worry about them.

But, what about a dog?

We have to admit that a dog is not as liquid as a cat. A cat is famous for its slogan “if it fits, I sit”. So, a cat is well-known for its flexibility, while the dog will lick their abdomen from the left or the right side. It is unusual to see a dog licks its chest or abdomen from top to down direction as a cat can show you. So, you need to check the abdomen area of the dogs.


If you think the dog’s back is the most difficult part of the dogs to be reached, you have to take a look at the neck. Can you imagine how hard it is for a dog to rub his own neck? I think that this is the most impossible thing that a dog can do by itself. So, you surely need to check this part.

Here, the fleas can stay near the throat and in the back of the head around the nape and the crest. Those areas are so difficult for dogs. Some breeds like bulldog even have shorter neck and legs that make them completely difficult to scratch the necks. Another breed like dachshund surely have problems scratching their neck.


The other difficult part for dogs is their own legs. Some dogs with a longer neck and shorter body can easily reach their legs for grooming. But, what about other dogs that cannot reach all of their legs like dachshund? Well, leg grooming is the problem that they cannot be done by themselves alone.

So, it is normal to find the fleas in that unreached by the dogs. Here, the same problem exists on cats where sometimes, fleas can be found on their legs. Well, if you observe carefully, sometimes your dogs will use their teeth to groom their own legs. It happens when the fleas bite your dogs, so it is itchy for them.


For some dogs, the crotch is a completely unreachable part, especially the area near the tail set. That is so difficult for some dogs. If you find your dogs like turning their head to the back, reaching the tail set, it means that the body part must be itchy. Here, fleas bite can lead to itch. That is why there is a possibility that the itch comes from fleas.

Some dogs may be able to scratch or rub their crotch to the wall or any rough media. So, it can help them to cope with the itch. But, some others will find the difficulty. In this case, you can check and investigate the crotch to see whether the fleas are there or not. Be careful because fleas can run fast.

Having pests on the head is the most common thing that exists on pets. There, you can find some pests like fleas and ticks live there, especially on the ears’ skin. This is the most horrible thing for dogs to have fleas on their head. You can even find eggs on the eyebrow when your dogs cannot groom it well. So, make sure you check all of the spots in the dog’s head.

So, be careful while checking your dogs’ head because the fur is likely to be more densely. Focus on some parts like the eyebrow, forehead, ears, and of course the chin because a dog cannot reach that easily. Also, it explains why dogs love being rubbed on the chin to the neck area. It may decrease the itchy sensation by fleas bite.


Technically, dogs can easily groom their own tail. But, the problem is that the tail set near the crotch sometimes cannot be reached easily for some dogs. So, it is like the extension of dogs crotch as the place for fleas to live. That’s why you need to check it carefully on the tail set.

Well, that is the 8 favorite spots for fleas to live on dogs. Now, you can check your dogs to see the existence of the fleas. Here, bear on your mind that not all of the dogs experience the same things. Surely, it depends on the body shape and how the dogs groom themselves.