Where Do Fleas Live Outside?

Where do fleas live outside? Fleas can live in any places out there such as the yard, dog house, cat house, high grass, sand, sheds and even garbage. So, the place can be various as long as it supports them.

Then, in relation with the circumstances, there is an important thing to be noted. In this case, it should be noted that fleas have certain phase of metamorphosis. So, each of the phases needs particular circumstances to live and support them.

It is just like a frog or even salmon fish that have different preferences while they are laying eggs and live in the final form. Here, you can see that frog can live in both of land and water while they are in the adult form. Whereas, salmon fish will always migrate to lay their eggs.

Now, let’s talk about where fleas do live according to their life cycle.

The Place Where Fleas Live Outside Based on Their Life Cycle

where do fleas live outside
Where do fleas live outside?

As other insects, fleas have a cycle of morphological stages, starting from eggs to adult form of fleas. Here, in each of the morphological stages, fleas have their own place to live outside. Let us check the places in following discussion below.

Fleas in Egg Stage

Fleas will lay their eggs in animal to make sure that while the eggs hatch, there will be some enough foods for their next generation. In this case, you have to know where the place that your pets or animals stay while they are outside. It is important because that is where fleas come from.

Inspect both the possible places and the observed place where your pets and animal stay. Here, the places can be various based on the environment where you live in. If you have a dog, you may consider some places like sand, dog house, and wherever they like to play around.

In addition, you can also consider to check other pets and animal out there that have a contact with yours. It is because there is a possibility that your pets or animals are infested by those that have been infested before. So, regular bath is necessary here.

Fleas in Larva Stage

When it comes to larva stage, the range of fleas place becomes wider. It is because not all the eggs will stay in their host. They will likely fall of wherever the host move. So, the eggs can be spreaded everywhere.

Usually, it takes two days to two weeks for fleas’ eggs to hatch. It depends on the environment of the place where the eggs laid off. It the temperatures are suitable for them to hatch, it will not take a long time for them to hatch.

In the larva stage, fleas can spread anywhere especially on the household. So, in the outside, the larva will spread following the movement of your pets or animals as their host. It can be on the sand, grass, dog house, or yard. It depends on your environment settings.

Fleas in Pupae/Cocoon Stage

After five to twenty days after the hatching eggs, fleas’ larva will turn to be pupae or cocoon. It depends on the environment condition around the larva. The better it is, the faster it will be.

The interesting thing is that the cocoon can protect the larva for months or even years before the larva transform fully into the fleas. It depends on the environmental condition. In addition, it also depends on the availability of the host near them.

It is quite hard to get rid of fleas in cocoon stage. It is known that the cocoon has a sticky coat that protect the them from vacuuming, sweeping, and even chemicals substances. That is why once the cocoon stick in the carpet, it will not be easy to clean them.

In this case, the area for the cocoon places near the host in the outside, especially the spots where your pets or animal have more activities. It is known that vibrations, body heat, and the high level of carbon dioxide will trigger the adult flea to go out from the cocoon.

That is why the places like yard, pet walking spot, and other places that pets and animal likely to be active are the most potential place for cocoon.

Fleas in Adult Form

It is quite hard to find adult fleas in the outside unless there are some hosts which they infested live there. In this case, there is even a possibility that fleas can live in human hair and bite human feet.

Here it is. The adult fleas will look for the hosts to live with. They need foods to continue the process of breeding. In this case, it is known that female fleas can lay eggs shortly after the first meal.

Here, they cannot lay any eggs without blood meal. That is why it is quite hard to find adult fleas in the outside. The adult fleas, in this case, spend most of their life living with their host. They feed, breed, and lay eggs while they are with their host.

So, where do the fleas live outside? Please share your opinion.

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