Where Do Fleas Live? Check These 6 Spots to Find Out


Hi! Do you guys want to know where do fleas live? Well, you come on the right source because in this article I want to share some spots where fleas do live. But, firstly bear in your mind that the fleas I share here are not only the fleas you find on cats or dogs. There are more flea species that I put in this article.

Also, in this article, I discuss some common spots people are curious about such as nature, the wild, the garden, the yard, outside of the house, on dogs, cats, on humans, and of course in the house. Those mentioned spots are common questions that arise from people.

Therefore, just stick around or just simply use the following table of contents to select and click the particular topics you want to know. And, if you want to share something just simply mention it in the comment section.

Now, let us start with the first spot 😊

Where Do Fleas Live in Nature?

where do fleas live
Where do fleas live? Check out these 6 spots

You may find some fleas easily around your house but surprisingly fleas can be found anywhere as long as there is a furry animal. Fleas are less picky in targeting their host. So, you can easily find them in most furry animals.

So, where do fleas live in nature?

First, you can find them near the home of those furry animals where the cocoons and larvae spread around them. Even in a burrow, it is a good housing system where those animals stick around and scratch together.

Second, you can find them on the animals. There, the infestation of fleas in nature spreads quickly because of the hunting where the fleas move from the prey to the predator. It is a normal thing because fleas will not stick to the dead animal and they can jump so high. So, moving to the predator is the best choice.

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Where Do Fleas Live in The Wild?

Where do fleas live in the wild? Umm…Well, it is similar to what I have told you before. You can find fleas near the animals at home. That is where you can find fleas in the wild. But, let me show more interesting facts about other fleas in the wild.

First, there are fleas called snow fleas. Surprisingly, this insect doesn’t bite you or your animal. Instead of sucking blood, they eat soil. It looks like dirt on the snow but actually, it is the alive one. In this case, it is known that they are not harmful because what they eat are bacteria and fungus. So, it is interesting, right?

Second, it is the sand fleas that live on the coast. Well, it is not an insect but a crustacean. So, it will not stick to your cat or dog (read more about where do fleas live on dogs). However, it has a similar look to canine fleas that stick on your pets. That is why people call it fleas too. Surprisingly, they are edible just like a crab.

At the last, this is what people call chigoe flea and some others name it jigger. It is actually different from canine fleas on your pets because this flea is harmful to humans. I cannot attach the picture here because it looks so scary to me. Anyway, this chigoe flea can be found under the mud, soil, or even sand.

Where Do Fleas Live in The Garden?

Actually, it is quite hard to find fleas in the garden, especially the canine fleas that infest pets. But, if there are some nests, cages, or burrows of any furry animals, you will likely find fleas near them. As has mentioned before, fleas will lay their eggs near the place where the furry animals mostly spend their time.

However, there is a similar creature that looks like fleas. Some people just simply call them giant fleas but it is actually well known as lawn shrimp or landhopper. This is actually not an insect but crustacea. They do not bite you and your pets. So, it should be no worry about this crustacea.

In the garden, you can find them under the soil and the pot. This crustacea also lives under damp leaf litter, groundcovers, and mulch. However, people usually find them in their house after the storm or heavy rains because they cannot live in wet soil.

Now, let us go back to the canine fleas.

The infestation in the garden possibly happens when your pets play with the others or just simply hunt the infested small furry animals. So, you may find that your cats or dogs bring some dead birds that actually are being infested by fleas.

Where Do Fleas Live in Your Yard?

When you cannot find fleas in the garden, you will likely find fleas in your yard. But, where do fleas live in your yard? It seems impossible because there is no home for any furry animals there.

Umm…wait. What about the rabbit?

Ah… Here it is. Have you ever seen any rabbit burrow in your yard?

Well, if you have any rabbits or any other furry animals in your yards, it means that there is a possibility for fleas to live in your yard. As has mentioned before, usually fleas will live near the animal’s house, the furry animals precisely.

So, if there is a bunny hole in your yard, you need to check the grass bedding around it. Usually, you can find the cocoons and larvae near the hole. It is because, once the new fleas coming out from the cocoon, they will quickly look for the hosts.

Where Do Fleas Live Outside?

Where do fleas live outside? If what you mean is the outside of your house, then the fleas can live in any places out there such as the yard, dog house, high grass, sand, sheds, and even in the wild. So, the place can be varied as long as it supports them.

The places that I have mentioned before are the examples of where fleas do live outside. Primarily, there must be the furry animal’s home, then the fleas will likely to reproduce there. However, there are few insights for you and your pets.

First, based on the studies, fleas likely move from the dead prey to the predator. In this case, it often happens in cats that a cat usually hunts small furry prey. Those prey might have been infested by fleas. So, the fleas move from the prey to the cat. Then, the infestation in the house begins.

Second, I am also a cat owner that lets my cats socialize with other cats out there. I often find that they get fleas after mingled with other cats. So, the fleas must be from the stray cat’s house out there.

Third, have you ever checked your pets before and after going to any pets’ daycare? Well, in that place, there must be so many pets that stick and play together. So, you may find that there is a possibility for the fleas to move from one pet to the others.