Why Is This Girl Always Around Me at Work?

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why is this girl always around me
Why Is This Girl Always Around Me?

This explanation will let you know why she is always around you

In a work-relationship among co-workers, the situation you get is completely normal.

A girl around you can mean so many things. It can be just simply a Job need.

You have to work and cooperate with her. Also, sometimes it is your Boss instruction to put you in that situation.

But, if she has no urgent reason, it is better for you to think why is this girl always around me?

If there is no urgency related to your Job, it can be a tactic from a girl to spend time with you.

It means that you are so attractive and catch her attention.

The problem is that not all girls are extrovert. Some of them even need courage just to say “Good morning!” to you.

In this case, she needs a good strategy to stay close to you.

She needs a camouflage that makes you do not realize what actually she plans to.

Sometimes, you can find she is in the same cafe or restaurant.

And then, it happens frequently.

Not only once a week, but almost every time you come to that place.

At that moment, you may think does she like me?

Well, you need to check whether she looks at you or not.

An eye to eye contact can tell many things when you are in that situation.

If she shows a good response, she may flirt with you.

It is one of the signs a girl likes you but is trying to not show it.

However, it is not always necessary for her to make eye contact with you.

If you find her accidentally in the same place as you, it can be the other signs she likes you.

Can you imagine what kind of coincidence that makes you meet her so many times recently?

It is one of the signs a female coworker likes you.

Please remember that usually, only a shy type girl will do this.

For her, staying as close as possible with you is enough.

If you are interested in her, just try to make contact.

You can start to just simply say hi and ask her opinion about the coffee.

Or, you can talk about some techie things related to your work.

It is quite hard to make a shy girl admit what she feels.

Sometimes, this kind of girl will just simply decide the things based on her observation.

Thus, clarifying something can be so hard for them because they are so shy.

It is your turn to help her express her feelings.

Well, there are more and more tactics a girl do in approaching you.

Some of them may be so experienced and make everything is clear for you.

While others can make you think so hard.

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