6 Common Problems of Mosquito Bite’s Itching


Why does a mosquito bite itch? According to the hypothesis of this study, the itch comes from 3 mechanisms that focus on the mosquito salivary components that result in pruritus after mosquito biting. First, the histamine in the salivary components induces itch via pruritic pathways. Second, it is the response of IgE-dependent hypersensitivity to the salivary components. At the last, salivary components modulate an IgE-independent inflammatory response. Now, let us find out the common problems that people find related to the itch of mosquito bites in the following section.

Why Does Mosquito Bite Itch So Much

why does a mosquito bite itch
Why does a mosquito bite itch?

As has been stated before, the salivary components in mosquitoes cause the itch. In relation to that statement, This research notes that the itching or even swelling is not produced by the mosquito bites when their salivary duct has been removed. Well, it clearly shows that the salivary duct has an important role in causing itching and even swelling. But, now let us talk about the itch first.

So, why does a mosquito bite itch so bad?

Actually, the exact answer to that question is not available yet since there is no study so far that confirms it precisely (or, it is just me who doesn’t know it yet). But, there is a possible and logical reason for this matter. The reason why mosquito itch so bad is probably because of the tons of bacteria and any other biological substances in the mosquito’s saliva.

Here, mosquito saliva contains some substances such as lysozymes, vasodilators, antibacterial glucosidases, anticoagulants, antiplatelet aggregating factors, and immunomodulators. Those substances can possibly cause the itch after a mosquito bite. It is because those substances are well known for causing problems for human health.

On the other side, it is also believed that histamine which is produced by the immune response system sends the signal to the nerve around the bites. So, our body recognizes it as itchiness.

In contrast, the other studies show that the level of itchiness in humans depends on the genetic susceptibility in responding to the bites. Here, this study found that females can feel more itch intensity than males by the specific locus in the human leukocyte antigen (HLA).

However, related to this specific topic which is the relation of saliva substances in a mosquito with human itchiness, some further researches are needed to confirm this issue. It is because I cannot find any source that clearly reveals the cause why mosquitoes bite can be so bad. So far, in my experience, the different types of mosquitoes can produce a different level of itchiness and any other side effect.

Why Does A Mosquito Bite Itch and Swell?

Swelling in mosquitoes bite is a common thing that people experience when they are bitten by mosquitoes. Some people may experience it badly with a very big and large bump, but for some others, they do not even feel the itch. Now, let us talk about the reason why this problem does happen.

As previously we discussed, the problem in mosquitoes bite comes from their saliva. Here, our body recognizes the saliva as a stranger, foreign substance, when it comes to our skin. Normally, the immune system response is activated in order to remove the intruder (mosquitoes’ saliva).

Here, the immune system produces histamine that increases white blood cell and blood flow around the affected area which is the bite. That process causes swelling or inflammation. So, actually swelling is the way how our body is protecting us from any strange substance that is coming inside our skin. However, swelling too much in weeks is not the thing we can accept, right?

In contrast, some people do not even feel an itch or react because they are more tolerant of the mosquito’s saliva. It is because that may be the first bite so the body needs more time to learn. However, each person has a different mechanism in responding to foreign substances.

Why Does A Mosquito Bite Itch for Days?

One of the interesting facts about mosquitoes bite is that it has a different effect on each people. Some people can immediately get a reaction while others take more time. These studies, 1 & 2, point out that mosquitoes bite can cause immediate flare and wheal reaction after 20 minutes while the others will get the reaction within 24-36 hours and diminish over several days or weeks.

Well, these differences depend on the subject’s susceptibility. So, you can find that some people may completely have serious problems with mosquitoes while others can cope that easily. Then, in these studies, it is also found that there is no cross-reactivity between species of mosquitoes. So, it means that if you are beaten by one species, there will be no sensitization to other species.

Why Does A Mosquito Bite Itch Days Later?

As has been discussed before, the subject’s susceptibility is important in dealing with the itchiness duration as the mosquito’s bite effect. But, when we talk about why do mosquitoes bite itch days later, this study shows that it takes about 5 steps in the reaction of mosquitoes bite.

  • Stage 1 is a period of nonreactivity that occurs in individuals that have been bitten for their first time.
  • As individuals are exposed to additional bites, they exhibit only delayed reactions (stage 2).
  • In stage 3, individuals develop immediate reactions followed by a delayed reaction.
  • In stage 4, only delayed reactions occur.
  • In stage 5, individuals are desensitized and therefore exhibit no reaction at all.

Based on the explanation above, it is actually a normal thing for people to experience the reaction days later. As the responses of stages 2, 3, and 4 occur differently for each people, some may expose the effects immediately while others lately. So, that is why it takes days later to starting itch.

That is why even all the people are gathered and bitten together, the responses can be different. It is like you can notice that some of your friends are immediately scratch after you hear mosquitoes’ noises while the others stay cool as nothing happens. Even in a family, each member can feel a different experience.

Why Does A Mosquito Bite Itch When You Scratch It?

It is a common thing for us that scratching can make the itch feel better or even worse. Yeah, some of us may feel better after scratching but in the end, it leaves some scars. Well, that is not a good thing but we will not discuss that in this section. What we want to discuss is why does a mosquito bite itch when you scratch.

First, the mosquito’s saliva is well known for causing the itch. There are so many particular substances that are believed in causing the itch. So, even without scratching the bites, it sometimes can cause itch and even inflammation or swellings.

Then, when we are scratching, our body produces serotonin to control the sensation of pain. Well, it is good for us because sometimes scratching ends up so hurt. But, unfortunately, the serotonin also makes the GPRR neurons active. That is why sometimes scratching makes the itch feels worse. Therefore, some people will always suggest that we should not scratch any of the itches because it can make us feel worse.

Why Does A Mosquito Bite Itch More at Night?

Some mosquitoes are active at noon and some others are active at night based on mosquitoes’ life cycle. Actually, the warm condition attracts them more to be active. That is why they will usually bite you in warm noon and night. So, it is a normal thing to find more mosquitoes in spring and summer rather than in the winter.

In this case, studies find that mosquitoes love to bite on humid summer nights. Surprisingly, mosquitoes also actually are attracted to bright colors, specific sweat and skin, and carbon dioxide. So, no wonder why some people are less bitten than others.

The other interesting thing is that global warming contributes to the increased biting frequency. It is associated with high temperatures during global warming. Here, as has been stated before, mosquitoes love warm conditions so it is logical that global warming contributes to this.

But, why does a mosquito bite itch more at night?

Well, the itch sensation occurs after the second bite. So, in the night where the mosquitoes more active, it means that there are more mosquitoes that bite people. That is why people feel more itch at night. It is because there are more and more mosquitoes that come to bite people.

In conclusion, why do mosquitoes bite itch? First, it comes from the mosquito’s salivary properties itself. Second, it comes from the histamine as the immune system response. Third, it comes from subject susceptibility. At the last, scratching can make the itch feel worse.