Do Spiders Eat Roaches? These Species Surely Do

Do spiders eat roaches? There are over 45,000 species of spiders worldwide. Spiders are carnivores, specifically insectivores. In this case, surprisingly, house spiders feed on common indoor pests, such as roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, and clothes moths that can help curtail disease spread in your house. Even so, it is not recommended to touch a spider. They never seek human contact, but their bite can be threatening. Spiders’ bite contained venom that caused different reactions in other species.

Do Huntsman Spiders Eat Cockroaches?

Well, we all do know that spiders kill cockroaches. But, do spiders eat cockroaches? The answer is definitely yes. It has been stated previously that house spiders do eat indoor pests that in this case are roaches.

Do spiders eat roaches? So, now, let us talk about which species of spiders kill and eat cockroaches. To be honest, it is quite hard to find out which spider eats roaches. But, thankfully there are some studies that completely focus on this topic.

Here, I find one interesting species of spiders that would love to kill and eat roaches. Umm, some of you may have met this kind of spider and know well about it. But, let me introduce you to the huntsman spiders. This big spider surely makes some people afraid.

But, wait, do huntsman eat cockroaches for real?

Let us find out.

Sparassidae sp: The Huntsman Spider that Eats Roaches

Do huntsman spiders eat cockroaches? One of the species of spider that eats roaches is the Huntsman spider (Sparassidae sp.). Huntsman spider is one of the biggest spider species in the world. You can see many of them in tropical countries like Asia, Africa, America, the Mediterranean Basin, and Australia.

This spider sometimes migrates to Asia, they hitch-hiked in the boxes of banana, that’s why some people called it Banana Spiders. It looks like a hairless tarantula and feeds insects as its main food.

It seems like a good sign when there is a huntsman spider around your house because while you are sleeping at night, they are getting rid of any insects that may be hiding. They don’t like to use their webs to catch their prey. They use silk for safety, protecting the eggs, and to create day-time retreats.

Those spiders like to hunt alone, slowly stalk their prey until it’s close enough to pounce on as shown in Picture 1. They move very fast. They move by using hydraulic, generating their liquid’s pressure. After that, the pressurized liquid is pumped through each leg and transmits power.

Do huntsman spiders kill roaches? Huntsman spiders use their fangs to inject their venom into their prey. Here are the effects of their venom besides death:

  • Clotting blood vessels
  • Breaking muscle and tissues
  • Paralyzing

The Types of Huntsman Spiders

The Huntsman spider has a large (the legs’ length is up to 30 cm), crab leg, and thin body. Huntsman spiders have legs that looked like crab’s and move like one. They also have eight eyes they can see clearly in the dark but they don’t have better eyesight than other jumping spiders. However, they can detect humans and other large animals approaching.

This spider has a thin body, like a plate. That makes cockroach extermination easier because cockroach usually hides in small cracks and crevices. These spiders are common in our houses and other sheltered area but most people were afraid of them because of their size because they adapted to live in the human habitat.

Huntsman spiders are grey/brown colored, they even camouflage on a tree. There are five spiders belong to this species:

  • Common Huntsman spiders (Isopeda, Isopedella)
  • Banded Huntsman spiders (Holconia)
  • Badge or Shield Huntsman spiders (Neoparassus)
  • Tropical or Brown Huntsman spiders (Heteropoda)
  • Flat Huntsman spiders (Delena)

Only brown Huntsman spiders are found in abandoned buildings and pipes. Huntsman spiders generally are not social animals, except for mating. Among the Huntsman family, only Delena lives in a group of over 250 spiders, led by a dominant female.

Shall We Get Rid of The Huntsman Spider?

Huntsman spiders are very scared of humans. If you encountered one of them in your house, don’t be afraid, they’re just like hunting in a larger area. They are most likely to be defensive. All spiders are venomous and they use it for hunting and protection. Fortunately, huntsman spiders’ venom won’t hurt us but their venom can cause us nausea and swelling.

So, there is no need to spray insecticide on them because insecticide makes them more active and running around your house. If you want to get rid of them, you can put them inside a box or a container, and then release them outside. Don’t smash them, because they bring their eggs with them.

They sheltered in bark and rocks to hide their eggs. Usually, the female huntsman spider lays 200 of her eggs inside an egg sack under a rock or behind the bark. The females won’t eat for 3 weeks, guarding their eggs. Do not mess with the spider’s eggs because the females are very aggressive in protecting their eggs. The females are larger than males and have a larger abdomen and shorter legs.

In that case, don’t move rocks unnecessarily. There might be some spider eggs under them. These spiders have no skeleton insdide their bodies. For replacement, they have an exoskeleton that cannot grow with them. This exoskeleton is called as spiders’ skin. The young spiders hang themselves on a tree to shed their old skin or exoskeleton. After that, they have to stretch themselves before the new exoskeleton becomes harder.

Huntsman Spider as A Pet

Why do people pet this spider?

Since this spider is harmless but like all spiders, they often misunderstood by us because of their appearance. In Egypt, people use spiders as a lucky charm for a newlywed couple. In Australia, they use huntsman spiders as a natural pesticide. Australians put the spiders in their garden.

Not only can exterminate several pests but also some people love and collect this spider. In this case, huntsman spiders are nocturnal, like a cockroach. They eat bugs more than birds do. These spiders cannot live in cold temperatures, they seek warm temperatures and well-heated buildings. Sometimes they can hide in your car, behind the sun visors, or running across the dashboard.

That is why huntsman spiders are good at exterminating indoor pests like cockroaches, palmetto bugs, crickets, silverfish, and other spiders. It makes the ecosystem balance for the creatures on this earth. So, if you want to pet this spider, provide it some hiding places so they can retreat during the day.

In contrast, you might want to adopt this spider but if you have a spider phobia—Arachnophobia, you can consider other options to get rid of pests inside your house. Also, be careful with their bite. If you got bitten, keep calm and put an ice pack on the bitten spot, do not bandage it so the venom won’t spread.

Do Wolf Spiders Eat Roaches?

The wolf spider is another harmless house spider that you may meet sometimes in your house. Well, it is a big spider but they would love to hide somewhere than bite people. So, that is why it is a harmless one. But, still, do not provocate or let them bite you.

Here, you can find them in sheds, garages, or basements. Those are the spots in your house that are typically their favorite places. Then, you can also find them outside your house. The places such as cinderblocks, board, and debris. Just lift those things and you may find the wolf spiders hiding under those things.

Now, let us talk about their appearance.

Well, the wolf spider is a big size spider that can be found anywhere. So far, it is recorded that the number of species of this wolf spider 200 more. So, it means that we can meet a variation of 200 wolf spiders that are waiting for their prey.

Do wolf spiders kill roaches? Yes, they do, and wolf spiders also do eat roaches. The other interesting thing about wolf spiders is that they are real hunters that sometimes is confused with a tarantula. In this case, it may come from the appearance of a wolf spider that has hairy skin with black, brown, and gray. In addition, a wolf species can grow up to an inch and a half along.

Do House Spiders Eat Roaches

do spiders eat roaches
Do spiders eat roaches?

Do house spiders eat roaches? Yes, house spiders do eat roaches as they hunt them. Here, pests are their prey. In this case, roaches are one of their prey. Then if you observe carefully, you may find some parts of roaches’ bodies under their web. Well, actually, that is the easiest thing to make sure whether the spiders in your house eat them or not.

Then, in terms of hunting techniques, house spiders have different ways to hunt with the huntsman spiders. House spiders usually use their web, waiting for their prey trapped and caught. While huntsman spiders will hide and suddenly catch the prey.

Meanwhile, on the other side, some people will be scared when they see some spiders. Here, spiders can be found anywhere in those spaces such as the basement, bathroom, attic, and etc that have a cooler temperature. So, it is like a predator of roaches in their own habitat.

Now, let us check the list of common house spiders that you can find in your house. Here, some of them can be found easily but some others may be the new one for you.

American House Spider

An American house spider is a common house spider you can find. So far, it is observed that this kind of spider doesn’t harm you. That is why it is not necessary for you to be afraid of it. Just let them stay and help you to get rid of the roaches.

Here, you can find the spiders in a concealed and dark areas such as the corners of your house, underneath your cabinets, and even in the basements. Well, those spots are usually dark and unreached by people’s attention.

But, sometimes you can also find them in your garage. If you observe carefully, they are usually spotted near the windows. Usually, they trap the other small insect such as flies which is the spiders, prey.

Well, those spots are their favorite place to hide. Now, let us talk about their appearance.

An American spider has a small size body like a Nickle that has a round abdomen. This spider has some white markings on a grey body. Do American house spiders kill roaches? By seeing their size, you may think that the spider is not big enough to kill roaches.

But, here is the point.

This kind of spider has a very sticky web that can make a bigger insect be trapped. Their web is very unique that has a messy or tangled structure. Here, they can either inject their poisonous venom or just simply wait for the stressful prey to be dead and then eat them.

Black Widow

Well, this kind of house spider is not the one you expect to bite or even meet you. The black widow is a well known dangerous house spider that people avoid. This black and red spider is completely a fear for people. It is reported that a thousand cases of black widow bites are reported in a year.

Do black widow spiders kill roaches? Yes, they do. Here, the bite of the black widow can cause more than pain for people. It is found that their bites can cause some problems such as muscle stifness, vomiting, possible nausea, and of course an intense pain. So people need to treat the bites as soon as possible.

Now, let’s talk about its appearance.

It is easy to identify the spider. The widow spider has a very amazing color mix for black and red. Generally, the spider is covered with black color and has red marks on the abdomen. For some black widow spiders, there are also some markings on the back. So, actually, it is easy to define them.

While in your house, the widow’s spider can be found on several spots such as corners, tall grass, mailboxes, edges, and garages. Well, those spots are the most favorite place for roaches. Thus, no wonder why the spiders would stay there to hunt their prey.

Brown Recluse

This house spider may look harmless but surely it is a dangerous one. The brown recluse is well known for causing damages by its bite. Its bite can cause fatal damage called necrotizing wounds. That is a kind of wound that kills the tissues and the cells around the bitten spot.

Well, that is a serious problem that people can face from the spider bite. So, if you got bitten by this spider, go ahead immediately to see a doctor. Don’t wait too long or try to cure it by yourself. That is a risky thing to do.

Then, this spider has a distinctive appearance. This spider looks like a brown skinny-legged spider with a big body. Well, the interesting about this spider is the mark. If you look closely at its head, there is a mark that similarly looks like a violin. Also, this spider has six eyes where the other has eight eyes.

Next, there are some spots where you would likely meet this small dangerous guy. Usually, you can find this spider in the shed, cellars, basement, and even in the corners of your house. Shortly, those spaces are usually free from disturbances from human activity.

Thus, do brown recluse spiders kill roaches? Yes, they do. Even though this spider is a hunter, they do not intend to bite people. The cases often happen when the spiders hide in the folded or narrow area such as sheets, towels, the pile of clothes, and even inside the shoes.

So, if you find out that the area where you live in their natural habitat, please check carefully your stuff before using it. You can shake your stuff or check them manually to avoid the hidden brown recluse spider.

Daddy Longlegs

The daddy longlegs is completely harmless for people. They do not bite you and they are not poisonous. This spider is so small, skinny like a thin needle, but can make your cellar full of the web. That is the only problem people have with this spider.

Well, daddy longlegs does eat other insects, but a smaller one. If you check their web, you may find some dried insect bodies covered with the web. It looks like a mummy sometimes. Do daddy longlegs spiders kill roaches? So, actually, I have never found that daddy longlegs kills or eat roaches. It is because they are not hunters.

You can find them in unreachable and hidden spots from your house. In my personal experience, this spider often says on the top corner inside the room. So, they set the trap there. But, you can also find them outside the house. Some spots like lawn or trees are also their favorite places to stay.

Hobo Spider

The hobo spider is a perfect example to picture a dangerous spider. It has long legs, an awesome pattern on its back which has a light and dark color, and a hairy body and legs. That appearance is enough to make people become afraid.

Well, the fact is that this spider is actually dangerous. His bite causes pain and red swelling but without a necrotic lesion. In this case, this bite may seem less dangerous than other previously mentioned species. But, still, people need to cure it. Here, ice and OTC painkillers can help to get rid of the bite.

Usually, this hobo spider would spend his time outside the house. But, there are some spots where the spiders hide such as beds, shoes, and clothing. So, be careful before wearing your stuff because they may completely hide there.

Jumping Spider

Jumping spider is an effective hunter that seems active 24/7. It is because you can find them at any time. Also, you can find them anywhere. Some spots such as ceilings, walls, attics, buildings, trees, or wherever it is are their favorite spots to hunt their prey.

So, do those spiders eat cockroaches? Fortunately, the jumping spider eats roaches. As a hunter, it is a normal thing for this spider to eat roaches and any other insects that they can hunt. In fact, some people who own spiders as a pet sometimes feed their spider with roaches.

Now, let us talk about appearance. Normally, you can meet them anytime in your house because there are hundreds of species of jumping spiders. The distinctive feature of this spider is its eyes that are so big. Some people think that is cute. So, no wonder why people pet them.

Normally, people pet them because of their cuteness. It is a rare thing that people will pet spider to get rid of roaches. Well, even though they are cute but be careful because they can bite you as a defense.

Yellow Sac Spider

Cannibalistic in the spider world is a common thing, especially for this yellow sac spider. They are hunters that will eat other insects, including their own species, and even spider eggs. But, do those spiders eat cockroaches? So far, there is no report that this spider eats roaches. But, still, the smaller roach size may attract them.

This spider is completely pale or looks more yellowish than other spiders. It is like they are grown as a specific yellow house spider. Some people are afraid of it even though it is not a harmful species for humans. However, its bite is not the thing we can compromise. In this case, some reports tell that their bite can hurt people.

Fortunately, this kind of spider can be found in the top corner of your house. They build their web there. So, you don’t really need to worry about them. But, still, do not try to get any of their bites. It can be a serious problem for you.

Orb Weaver Spiders

Do orb-weaver spiders kill roaches? The answer is yes. They are not only would kill roaches, but also a bird. A giant orb-weaver spider can eat a small bird. Here, their killing ability is so impressive. They are well known as the flying insect killer that trap them with their strong and sticky web.

If you go somewhere out there, you can easily find a wide web trap that is set by this spider. Their web looks so strong that can even trap a bird. If you observe carefully, you will find that their web is so unique because they sometimes add extra lines in the middle. I have no idea what it is for, but it seems to strengthen the web.

Well, the good news is that they do not intentionally attack people. But, still, be careful because they mush have some poison on their bite.

Grass Spiders

Grass spider is the last thing on this list that I can find for you. This spider seems similar to the hobo spider and brown recluse spider. Actually, it is not easy to differentiate them, because sometimes they look identical.

However, the only distinctive feature of grass spiders is their web. You can literally find their web in the grass. So, no wonder why do people call it grass spider. It is because they live and build their web in the grass.

Then, in relation to roaches, do those spiders eat roaches? I do not find any reports of grass spider that eats or kill roaches so far. But, still, some people may found them eating that pest called roaches.

The last word. Even though spiders will be preyed on by other species, we still need spiders. With the spider’s existence, the insect’s population is controlled so they won’t infest our homes. In this case, spiders are the potential pests control. So, in the worst case, if spiders do not exist, we, humans, can be a snack for insects. That’s all about the discussion on the topic of “do spiders eat roaches.”